Buying Guide for Women’s Leggings – Factors to Consider!

Ladies should note that leggings are not pants so make sure you do not wear leggings with tops that expose and make your bottom prominent. Leggings are in vogue, and celebrities sport them with long tops. They are comfortable and look cool. When it comes to buying the perfect leggings for your needs, keep the following tips in mind-

Determine your budget

When you are looking for leggings, keep your budget in mind. Though leggings are a good start to creating a colorful wardrobe. There are leggings in every price range and so when you step out of your home to buy them, make sure you have a sensible budget in mind as you do not want to go overboard and waste money on leggings that are way too high from your budget.

Choose the right length

Leggings come in a variety of lengths. You should determine the length you are looking for. They are available in a knee length, calf length, full length, and stirrup lengths. Keep the short length leggings for the summer months. In the winter, it makes sense to buy full-length leggings. Before you buy leggings determine your body type and size. When you buy leggings, they should accentuate the length. If you are wearing high heels, stirrup or ankle length are ideal for women of every body type. When it comes to knee and Capri length leggings, women with slimmer legs should buy them. Short women again should stay away from calf-length leggings. These leggings have the tendency to cut your height into the half, and you land up looking shorter than you actually are. The appeal and the look of your leggings do not only depend upon your height, but your body type also influences the leggings you wear. If you are a woman with a pear- shaped body, you should consider wearing leggings of darker color as they make your legs look slimmer.

Know about the different types of leggings available

When you are looking for the right leggings, you should be aware of the different colors available in the market. You can easily find basic colors like tan, gray, brown and black. There are bright colors available like yellow, pink, red, light green, etc. Leggings are available in different materials and styles. Some of the notable ones in the market are glossy, zipped, cropped and split ankle leggings for women of all ages to wear.

One size does not fit all

There is a common misconception that one size fits all. In case a brand claims the above, it is smart not to buy leggings from it. Check the women’s leggings size chart to find the appropriate leggings for your needs. Remember, every woman has a unique body type, and she needs the right fit and looks. This is why you should always check what your body size is and consult professionals at the store to help you find the right kind of leggings for your needs.

How can you get the right measurements for leggings?

When you are searching for the right leggings, ask the sales staff to assist you with the measurements as per your height and body type. When you search the market for leggings, you will find they are not sold as per a number system. They are generally available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra- large.  This is why several brands can sell leggings of different sizes to all women irrespective of their body type and height. When you are searching for the ideal leggings, always check the size chart. There are leggings available for plus sized women as well. When you determine the right size for your height and body type, take the leggings to the trial room and put it on. Walk around the room to get a feel and see whether the material you wear is comfortable or not. Determine whether you are able to walk properly with them and sit on a chair to check whether they are comfortable for you or not. When you sit on the chair, make sure the leggings do not stretch too much. In case, the material stretches out of range this means the current size is not right for you.  Get another size and go to the fitting room to check again. Repeat the process until you do not find the correct size for your needs.

What should you pair your leggings with?

Now, when you have purchased your leggings, make sure you pair them up with tunics, dresses and cute looking shoes. When it comes to the material of the leggings you buy, you will find they are mostly available in lycra and spandex blended with wool, cotton and synthetic materials. If you are looking for leggings for a specific reason like for wearing at the gym, or for daily wear, ask the sales staff to assist you to find the right pair. If you are looking for leggings for the gym, choose the synthetic ones for working out. The material will keep your legs dry, and you get warmth for the leg muscles as well. There are some leggings manufactured using sweat-proof material. These leggings stretch as you work out and they allow your legs to breathe. They are generally costlier than the regular leggings you get in the market. They take the shape of your form and accentuate your legs too.

Last but not least, always remember that leggings should be comfortable and not rub against your body. In case, you are worried about the material of the leggings, choose those that do not have heavy stitches. These leggings will rub against your body and make them itch. Opt for leggings that have a lining. They make your legs feel warm and comfortable. If you wish to buy leggings as pants, make sure that you choose a material that is thick. The material should not be a see-through one. If you are heavy inbuilt, it is prudent to choose colors like black and brown that will make you look slimmer!

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