Best Tips for Relocating with Kids on a Private Air Charter

Travelling with children

Relocating with your children is quite a difficult task. They’ll have so many questions, some of which you either may be unable to answer or they might not find the answers satisfactory. The trip itself can be quite a chore, seeing how it may take hours and the conditions may be less than ideal.

This is why a lot of people, when traveling with children, find that hiring a private air charter might be a great idea. The logic behind this is following:

  • This is a one-time trip, not your regular commute. This can offset a higher cost of travel than you would face when traveling by other means.
  •  The journey itself would be so interesting that it would take some edge off the entire process. So, instead of a major change, your kids would face an adventure.

While they may not seem major, these two advantages alone are enough to persuade parents who already have so much on their plate. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several tips that will help you get even more out of your private air charter relocation with kids.


Think About the Schedule

Sure, you’re traveling privately, so you don’t have to worry about the other passengers, but you still don’t want your toddlers to get grumpy during the flight. Provided that you notify the charter company in advance, you may receive a more favorable flying schedule. When traveling with kids, this can make all the difference in the world.

As a parent, you should know the biorhythm of your kid the best, and this is something that you should base your organization on. Seeing as how a private air charter gives you more flexibility, you won’t have to book a flight day in advance. In fact, the chances are that you can book a flight anytime tomorrow. In some cases, and with some companies, you can book a flight that is in 4-6 hours.


Carry-on Luggage

Even though a charter flight has everything organized for your own convenience, it’s still not your own home. This means that your access to your kid’s stuff and your regular inventory will be restricted. So, you need to have well-packed carry-on luggage at your disposal at all times.

While traveling on a commercial flight, your carry-on bag size would be restricted. The size of your carry-on bag should, by default, fit in the overhead bin. There are some who suggest a 24-inch suitcase as a good solution, but the experiences of the majority of parents agree that this is just too small. Fortunately, on a private air charter, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue. This is especially true since you’ll have a staff to help you both load and unload.

Naturally, relocating with your kids means taking care of the rest of your stuff, as well. This is done best in two stages, even if you’re determined to do it all by air. So, start by looking for a private air charter for you and your kids. Then, proceed to find reliable air freight shipping for the rest of your inventory. As we mentioned in the previous section, start scheduling in time in order to ensure that it all arrives on time.


Play It Safe

One of the most important things when traveling on a private air charter is that you learn how to manage your expectations. What does this mean? Well, for starters, while this sort of trip is more convenient, it’s still not perfect.

For instance, while it’s easier to use the toilet on a private air charter, it’s still better to just avoid this altogether. Making your kids go to the bathroom before you take off is always a better choice.

Moreover, while you have the option to order a gourmet menu (the majority of private jet charters offer catering services), it’s probably better to play it safe. In other words, get yourself whatever you want but get your kids something you know they’ll eat 100%. Taking risks here is definitely not wise. Also, keep in mind that a healthy diet is a key to boosting your child’s gut health, and this is not something you should deviate from during this flight.

When it comes to the temperature on the flight, let’s just say that this wouldn’t be an issue during a commercial flight either. Now, seeing as how you’re the only traveler, it’s even easier to negotiate its adjustment. The thing is that it’s still better to have an immediate solution, like dressing your kids in layers. This way, you are more self-reliant.


Stay In Control

A lot of parents choose private air charters so that their kids can have more freedom on the flight. Others aim for a scenario where there are fewer judgmental looks directed their way.

So, does this mean that your kids can do whatever they want on a private air charter?

Well, not really!

You see, the problem is that these flights are not arranged to be completely safe for children – no flights are. So, if you think you can just let them run around without any risk, things might not end so great for anyone. Also, keep in mind that the doors to the cockpit are not locked and that the rest of the flight staff will probably not expect your kids running around (tripping them in the process).

Sure, you paid for the flight, but the staff is still responsible for all your safety, which is why it’s important that you follow their instructions and respect their authority.


In Conclusion

While the cost of relocating with kids on a private air charter is one of the most expensive ways to do so, the cost is not everything. Also, this is a one-time thing, and since the event may already be a huge thing in your kid’s life on its own, why not make an extra effort to put a positive spin on it. With the above-listed tips on your side, you can go above and beyond to optimize this trip and make it into one of their earliest adventures.

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