Best Fishing Line to Keep Birds Away

Fishing Line

The excitement of a flourishing garden is probably the best part of gardening. But, it has its fair share of challenges like any other activity. The most common one is having to deal with birds once your fruits and vegetables bloom. This can be frustrating and if putting up a scarecrow is not in your books, then there is a different approach to that.

You can use a fishing line to keep the birds away, but it is not just any fishing line. On this note, aim to find the best monofilament line for this purpose. But how do you go about it? The process is simple, and you can set up without needed help from anyone.  


How to Use a Fishing Line to Keep Birds Away

Step 1

Get poles that are a few inches higher than the projected height of the plants in the garden. This will help move the fishing line up the pole, and you will not have to replace the pole as the plants grow. For this step, you can use regular stakes or any other types of poles you find.

Step 2

Push a pole on either end of the rows of vegetables and fruits. Do this as soon as the seedlings emerge. It would be best to push in the poles when the soil is softened for an easy process.

Step 3

Space the poles not less than 12 inches apart all around the garden. The distance is an essential factor to keep in mind since the more apart the poles are, the less likely they will scare the birds.

Step 4

Tie an end of a fishing line to a pole just a few inches above the seedling. Tie to the pole on the other end and unroll the fishing line as you go. Do this to all the poles and ensure the line is securely tied. You could use a staple for extra security.

Step 5

If you have some plants in containers, push a single pole into the soil, taking care not to damage the roots. Then create a teepee kind of structure using the line to protect the plant all around.


How to Choose the Best Monofilament Fishing Line to Keep Birds Away

In this case, any monofilament fishing line can work. But, it helps to understand what you need to look for to ensure long-lasting quality and functionality. The most crucial factor to keep in mind, in this case, is the thickness.

The idea is to get a line that is strong enough to hold the weight of bids without deteriorating in quality. There are many varieties of lines in the market, and you can most definitely find a suitable one. And, since your main aim is to keep birds away rather than fish, you can choose any you like.



You can find affordable monofilament lines to keep birds away from your garden. That said, you do not have to spend a whole ton of money to protect your garden from birds. With a proper installation plan, you can keep birds away and help your garden thrive.

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