Why do Bengal Cats Bite?


Bengal cats are majestic and beautiful. One thing a lot of people tend to talk about however, is their aggressive streak.  One of the causes of their aggressive streak can be their ancestry. Bengal cats were created by crossing small leopard cats with domestic cats. Their part wild ancestor is one of the reasons they tend to act out. However, their ancestry may not always be the case. Bengal cats are very affectionate, so one of the reasons why your Bengal cat seems to lash out at you may because you don’t pay them enough attention. If you notice your cat always seems to be aggressive towards you, continue reading this article to know how you can make them happier, alternatively visit the PetStruggles homepage:


Take them on walks

One of the reasons why your Bengal cat occasionally bites and seems to be aggressive could be because you don’t take them out on walks. Taking your Bengal cat out on walks will make them happier and is a good way for them to let out pent up energy. Bengal cats love being active and will enjoy every walk you take them on. Make sure you use a harness when you’re taking your Bengal cat on a walk so that they won’t get lost. Taking your Bengal cat on walks will significantly improve their mood.


Give them toys to play with

Nothing will make your cat lash out and angry like being bored. One reason why your Bengal cat bites may be because they have nothing to play with. Having nothing to play with can put your bengal cat in a bad mood. Get toys that your cat can play with. Go to a pet store and buy toys that can keep your Bengal cat occupied while you are away. Get toys that will be easy for your Bengal cat to move around. The toys you get for your Bengal cat should also be the kind that doesn’t get lost easily.


Provide attention

As a Bengal cat owner, you need to shower your cat with loads of attention. You should make sure that you never make your cat feel neglected, or else it will make them cranky. Bengal cats are naturally affectionate animals and always need to feel loved. Even if you’re very busy, you should try and dedicate time to playing with your cat. Giving your cat attention can be you rubbing their fur; it doesn’t have to be something stressful or time-consuming. Give your cat constant attention and watch their mood change for the better.

Bengal cats are cats with a very proud ancestry that shouldn’t deter you from getting one. While it is true that Bengal cats’ wild ancestry makes them a bit aggressive, all they need are positive channels. Provide your Bengal cats with positive ways to channel all their pent up energy, and their mood is sure to change. The positive channels you can provide your Bengal with are mentioned in this article; frequent walks, toys, and attention. Bestowing your Bengal cat with enough and positive attention will make them gentle are more pleasant to be around.

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