Baby shower Invitations-Wording tips

Planning a baby shower time and venue is one thing, inviting your guests is another. Baby shower invitation wording s can be very tricky especially to new moms. One thing I am sure about is that you want wordings that will set the mood of your guests. You also want that to be fun and make them see your creativity. To help you choose the best invitation wordings for your baby shower invitations, we have listed a couple of wording ideas just for you. The tips will work for you regardless of whether you are writing long distance baby shower invites.

Make the guest list

Before you start thinking of what to include in an invitation card for your baby shower, make a list of all the people that you want to invite. This way, you will be in a better position to customize the invitation cards or target individual guests.

Who’s the guest?

The person you are inviting will make the difference on how you address them. If you are inviting your elderly parents to your baby shower, it may not be a wise thing to make it too fun. The wordings should somewhat show seriousness.

Regardless of the person on your guest list, start by greeting them. After that, address the person by their two names or a family name. Here are some wording examples.

‘’Dear John, come with all blue and help us celebrate a new gift’’

‘’Hello dad, come celebrate the birth of our baby girl with us’’

The name of the baby

Have you already determined the gender of your baby and chosen a name in advance? If that is the case, it’s always a good thing to state the name of the baby on the wording. This makes your guest want to know more and want to meet such a gift. Here are some wording examples:

‘’Its Baby Amanda, come celebrate the angel with us’’.

‘’I take this rare opportunity to welcome you to celebrate the birth of Baby Joe’’.

Write the date of the event

When are you going to celebrate the baby shower? I bet you have already determined the date. For that matter, don’t forget stating the date of the event. Make it long enough for your guests to prepare.

Where will the event be held?

Another sentence that shouldn’t miss on the list is the venue of the event. If this event will be held in a hotel, a restaurant or a hall, state the specific name of the venue. It’s also important to list the street address, city and the Zip code. If you are considering virtual baby shower invitation, it should be clear and appealing with the street address, city and the state where the event will be held.


Before you conclude the invitation, it’s always a good thing to state the host of the event and the contact number. This can fit as a single statement or be included at the end of the invitation card.


At the end of the card, you can state when you need a RSVP. Some examples are:

‘’Please RSVP by (DD/MM/YY)’’

It’s also a nice thing to leave a space for the guests to include the numbers of people they are making the RSVP.

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