Avoid a Car Accident With these Simple Auto Tips

Did you know that thousands of car accidents happen on the roads every day? Thankfully, many people walk away with minimal injuries, however, in some circumstances the victims are left with life-changing injuries, and their family is left to deal with the aftermath of a fatality.

When we learn how to drive, we’re always taught about how to keep ourselves safe and to keep other road users in mind, sadly the more time we spend on the roads, the less cautious we become and in some cases, the more likely we are to be involved in a crash. So, with this in mind and to keep yourself from getting complacent behind the wheel, I’ve gathered some simple auto tips that will help you avoid a car accident (and hopefully not needing a car accident lawyer).


Never drink and drive

It’s a sad fact that many people still get behind the wheel whilst under the influence of alcohol. It slows down our reaction time, makes coordination difficult, and hinders our judgment, putting lives at risk. Not only can a DUI ruin your life – can you go to jail for your first DUI in PA? Click the link to find out – but it could even result in destroyed property, the loss of your job, failure in getting ahead in your career, and facing the shame from your friends and family. 


Always wear a seatbelt

Reminding people to buckle up in 2020 sounds ridiculous, but many people still neglect to fasten their seatbelts before driving. Not only does a seatbelt stop you from hitting your head on the dashboard/steering wheel, but it also keeps you in place for the airbag deployment to work correctly. It also prevents you from being flung from the vehicle (the leading cause of death in a car crash) and you’re also more likely to be conscious after the crash, allowing you to escape the vehicle. 


Don’t tailgate

Driving bumper to bumper with the car in front is classed as aggressive driving and causes accidents. Of course, it’s frustrating when you’re stuck behind a slow driver, however, if the driver in front suddenly brakes, you won’t have a chance to react, causing a crash that will be entirely your fault.

Take extra care at night

Sometimes driving at night is inevitable, which means you should be extra cautious. Be wary of late-night joggers, dog walkers and cyclists, as well as motorcycle riders who aren’t visible enough, and a general reduction in your visibility levels. Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles and reduce your speed. 


Service your car

A faulty engine or brakes can often help cause road accidents, along with other faults with your car. A car service every year is your best bet at keeping your car problem-free and safe to drive. With an annual service a mechanic who knows what they’re looking at will check over your car to certify it’s condition and may replace certain car parts that look like they may soon break. A car service is recommended every year for your car and not only will it keep it safe to drive, but it will also maximise its resale value too.

Bonus tip: Be wary of drink drivers at night – and report any strange driving activity to the authorities.


Final thoughts

If you find yourself caught up in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. 

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