Avoid These 6 Biggest Mistakes Moms Make When Buying a Nursing Bra

Some new mothers make the mistake of buying a larger bra for their nursing needs. But if you don’t invest in a proper nursing bra, you won’t get the comfort and support you need during one of the biggest changes of your life. What are some mistakes you need to avoid?

1. Wearing the wrong size

Don’t wear the wrong size nursing bra. It’s true that your breast size will vary widely from your pregnancy and in the first few weeks after giving birth. But it is possible to buy a nursing bra that is never the wrong size, no matter what stage your breasts are at. What’s wrong with wearing the wrong size?

Too big? Less support. You might think that going bigger is better, but that’s not true. Your breasts are already dealing with unfamiliar growth, and they need proper support. Without it, the skin will be strained and you will feel the weight.

Too tight? More risk of mastitis. Your breasts grow because the ducts are filled with milk. If your bra is too tight, it will clog and block the milk ducts. This might lead to mastitis, where the clogging causes unhealthy swelling. In the worst cases, it turns into a full infection.

2. Buying poor quality bras

The last thing you want to be stuck with is a low-quality nursing bra. The wrong material, the wrong support, and you’re either going to suffer or go invest in a better quality bra. To know what you need to buy, always check bra reviews before purchasing.

Bad quality material. A good nursing bra has two qualities: elasticity and padding. If your nursing bra is not elastic enough, it will constrict your breasts. If it is not padded properly, you will not feel comfortable, and any leaks will show.

Hard to take off for nursing. A nursing bra should fulfill its purpose—that is, it should be easier and more comfortable to nurse with it on. But if it has no drop-down cups or it is extremely difficult to take off to nurse, you’re in trouble.

3. Buying the wrong bra for your shape

Did you know that no breasts are shaped the same? This affects the kind of bras we buy, although we don’t think of it very often. Here are some general tips.

Round or top-heavy? If your breasts are perfectly round, or full at the top, a t-shirt bra might be just what you need. It balances the look of your breasts and adds more support from beneath.

Bottom-heavy? If your breasts are fuller or wider at the bottom, balconette or demi bras are a good fit for you. They push upwards and make your breasts seem more even. Naturally, as long as it is a good quality nursing bra, you can mix up the styles you wear.

4. The band is riding up your back

Do you notice yourself pulling down the back band every now and then? You might think it’s a natural adjustment, but you shouldn’t actually be adjusting your bra that many times. If it fits properly, the band should be snug and unmoving. If it’s being pulled upwards at the back, that may mean the bra is too large or given too much slack. The weight of the breasts are pulling downwards, pushing against the material and shifting the whole front. Like we mentioned, a too-large bra does not provide proper support.

5. Not getting professionally fitted

If you’ve already tried on quite a few kinds of bras and none are working for you, you might want to get professionally fitted. Sometimes, just figuring out your cup and band size is not enough. Because of the changes to your body, and your nursing needs, you need a little more expertise than a regular store staff can provide.

If you consistently feel like you’re getting the wrong band size or cup size, or you’re being overly chafed by the material of your bras, visit a professional fitter. They will help you figure out the real challenges with your bra and choose the right bra for your nursing needs.

6. Wearing the same size when pregnant or breastfeeding

You might think all bras that have to do with maternity are the same, but that is a misconception. Maternity bras were designed to adjust to your body as it changes in pregnancy. It is designed for comfort and support, not for nursing.

A proper nursing bra, on the other hand, usually has drop-down cups so you can feed your baby anywhere. It also has better padding so any leaks won’t show on your clothing. If you already have a maternity bra, you need to invest in a nursing bra. A very adjustable nursing bra can actually help you sometime in the middle of your pregnancy up until you give birth.

It’s time to make the right investment! Don’t settle for less than what you need for this chapter of your life.


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