All About The American Saddlebred Horse Breed

Our mode of transportation as a species has changed over the years. For a time, people thought that walking is the best and only way. When animals came in, it became a revolution along with the invention of the wheel. Ever since then, the entire human race has depended on animals for long journeys. The creation of motorized vehicles led to the end of this era, but some people still prefer having these creatures to shorten the distance.

Horses were the most popular in many civilizations where it is available. They are strong and capable of handling weight even more than our capacity. These animals were also easy to train and were dependable in almost any situation. As long as you treat them right, horses will also treat you the same way as this page will tell you. These animals are gallant and powerful creatures, and they should be treated with respect like any other species in the world.


Riding Qualities

However, not all horses are equal when it comes to capability. Most of the species that we have today were bred for a specific purpose. Still, others in the wild do their own thing to survive, and they have grown apart from the domesticated horses. Now, though, there are many kinds that you can see worldwide; each of them has adapted to their environment. Meanwhile, there are a chosen few which are considered to be the best in their fields.

One of those variants is the American Saddlebred horse, and you might be familiar with this one already. These creatures are the stars of the West and have been used in classic Western movies. As long as there is a cowboy around, the Saddlebred follows them or is already riding it. Some might even say that they are the Wild West symbol and have become a staple in shows ever since. If you ever find yourself in these states, then you will see the majesty of this horse.

You may ask what makes it the quintessential American horse aside from all of the iconography. It is often easily differentiated through its physical features, but it might be difficult for those without a trained eye. Its head is narrower compared to other breeds and has more enormous eyes as well. Its neck is longer than most, and its athletic build shines in the best way possible. There are many colors to choose from and combinations, but most of them are in earthy tones.

The size of these horses may mean that it will be difficult to adjust to them. Most adults do measure up to 60 inches in height, which is a challenge on its own. However, their personality is an excellent addition to their appeal. This particular horse is friendly and easy to train, but you will need to control its movement first. They are still equine and would end up following their will if not appropriately trained.

Taking care of them is a breeze, as some trainers might say. Due to their relatively docile personality, it is easy for them to ride and “break,” as the common vocabulary suggests when it comes to their training. However, they still show horses, and extra care is given to their grooming. If you want to ride them all the time, you need to adjust their hooves and have someone to help you.

Also, it is crucial to feed them well with the appropriate diet. As with any other horse, they would eat whatever plant is available for them to graze. Most of the time, the American Saddlebred would settle for grass, but it would be great to have high-quality bale for them. Depending on their activity, their eating habits would range from “almost starving” to “downright ravenous.” These are large creatures, and it comes with the appropriate meal size.


Other Crucial Information


The best time to start their training is while they are still young. Like any other children of various creatures, foals take any lesson easier due to their developing brains. The horses would carry over these lessons once they reach adulthood. It is also crucial to develop a relationship with them if you are going to be their owner. The familiarity and camaraderie will come into play once you need to ride them already. It also takes time to develop, so starting young is the best option.

Gait training becomes more important as they reach adulthood as you will learn here: The style of their trot or gait would determine what kind of responsibility they would have in the industry. Most of the show horses have five-gaited walks, which is excellent for various feats in tournaments. On the other hand, farms usually need to have a healthy horse that can battle the elements. These options might overlap with each other, so you may need to have someone to help you out in choosing the best.

If you are going to take care of one or more horses, it is also great to have a vet near your area. For those who are building a stable, an in-house doctor would be best. However, being near the towns would also be beneficial since most of these smaller areas have a vet. Get their number and keep in touch with them to have help if any issue arises.

American Saddlebreds are the pride and joy of many horse owners all over the world. If you want to own one, though, you need to master the art of riding and train them. Whether you would end up on a tournament or a farm, being friends with your ride is a crucial aspect of this life.

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