9 Ways Your Baby Shows Love

Even if your little one can’t speak yet, they can still do plenty to let you know they care about you, mom! Here are 5 ways they express their care for you.


1. Voice recognition


Do you say something and baby seems interested in your words? Don’t let that surprise you as the baby fell in love with you in the womb and is still mesmerized by your tone.


2. Big eyes


They’re staring at you and while it might make you feel pressure to be your best, know it’s because they’re trying to take in everything about their parent. It’s a good thing!

Eye contact means they care and are inquisitive about their environment, which includes you, of course. When you put them to bed, watch them as they watch you and use eye contact as a bonding experience.


3. Using your gestures


Is your little sweetie mimicking you? They say copying is the sincerest form of flattery so take it as a compliment! 

When the newborn is affectionate back at you as you nuzzle in and kiss them, that’s a sure-fire sign they care about you. Just as much as you do about them.


4. Looking to you for safety


If they’re scared, do they hide behind your leg? Does your boy or girl come up to you looking uneasy and confide in you about a bully or another issue?

They’re looking to you for protection because they trust you. And that’s love if I ever said it!

Start the protective behavior from the time they’re young by choosing a safe double stroller front and back for your little ones.


5. Smiles and more smiles


Smiling is a genuine show of affection. As your baby raises your mouth into a smile, know that they’re doing so because they’re happy.

It’s a sweet gesture that you’ll likely never get enough of as they get older. And it’s what’ll get you through those long nights when you’re up and down comforting them as they cry.


6. They’re there for you too


Let’s face it, days are long and you’re sometimes (okay, a lot) sleep-deprived with an infant. So you might shed some tears of exhaustion now and then in front of the family.

If your little bundle of joy reaches out for a hug or grabs your hand while you’re tearing up, well that’s absolutely a sign they care about you (okay, a lot). As they get older, they might offer to clean up their playroom too if you’re having a bad day.


7. When you come home…


Your baby is super excited. From the laughing to the smiles, there’s a lot of good things that come with your return home after work or an errand when they’re baby-sat by loved ones.

As they get older, they’ll likely come for a hug or jump up and down excitedly when you come through the door. Oh yes, these moments of a happy baby are the best things in life, really!


8. Saying I love you


When your baby starts to talk, watch for these three amazing words: I love you

Once they say them to you, life will forever be altered, in a good way. And when they’re growing and start to fight with you, don’t consider that a sign that they don’t care but indeed a sign of quite the opposite – they care enough about the family to have real, deep emotions about it.


9. Arms up


Finally, when your sweet baby holds his or her arms up to get picked up, that’s a sure sign that you’re someone they want to be close to. They desire your embrace, which cannot even be put into words.

Expressing themselves in this way warms the heart. It’s a sign that a bond is growing, as are the other 8 signs that your baby loves you.

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