7 Super Benefits of Leveraging Instagram Stories for Your Brand and Product Promotion

Instagram Stories lets you share photos and videos that last for about 24 hours or so. Initially, many businesses think there is no point in using this Instagram feature due to its limited period. Some business leaders even think that the feature is of no use. Then, the reality is far promising if you have not used IG Stories until now. You can reap the maximum benefits of Instagram Stories to promote your brand and products. It will help you build engagement, boost content visibility, and make followers like your Instagram Stories content. 

According to an article published in Forbes, IG Stories garner more views than regular Instagram posts that you see daily. Then, why not use this feature for the benefit of your business? 

In this article, we will walk through the seven super benefits of using Instagram Stories for your branding and product promotion. Read on to learn more. 


Helps in expanding your marketing strategy 

These days, you need to expand your content and marketing strategies to retain the interest of your followers or target audiences. You need to find out what your potential customers like. It means including a new social media site, channel to your marketing strategy, or plan. It means you may need to start right from the beginning as far as your IG account is concerned and its audience. 

You must use Stories because it is a useful Instagram feature on the same platform that you have been using for some time. When you have an IG profile and a set audience, all you need to do is diversify the content using the tools and resources you have in place. 


Helps you maintain a quality business account 

The images and videos you usually post on Instagram are saved to your account unless you decide to delete them. Then, you know that the content in your Instagram Stories goes away after 24 hours. You might be asking how that is beneficial to your business. It is a natural observation and therefore, you need an explanation. The images and videos in your IG Stories have real-time benefits or value and that too in the right context. That does not mean you need to post high-quality content all the time when it comes to your IG Stories. 

Even casual behind-the-scenes shots of your office or employees will make your content resonate with your target audience. That is because you are doing real-time marketing that has context. Keep your IG Stories content simple and clutter-free. You may even treat it like your portfolio, highlighting the best, evergreen Instagram content. Here best means of high value that has contextual importance and not necessarily imply highly curated content like normal Instagram posts. 


Makes your content visible in followers’ feeds 

The new Instagram algorithm might cut back on the number of times your posts appear in the followers’ feeds. That is because Instagram will show your normal posts to those the algorithms think will interest followers. It’s one of the key reasons why brands are using Instagram Stories more and more. 

You know that standard Instagram posts compete for a position, IG Stories show up at the top of the feeds. You will notice a colorful ring to show that a new story has come up on Instagram. This amazing Instagram feature helps your content to stay at the top of the feed so that followers can view the content without any obstacles. Moreover, when your IG Stories content is meaningful and engaging, you can expect to buy followers for Instagram in less time. 


Lets you stay in touch with your followers 

IG Stories disappears after 24 hours and therefore, it is no use spending lots of your time creating high-quality photos or videos. The Stories content could be spontaneous, raw, and authentic, and of course relevant to your business and products. The content should be related to a specific moment of your business. 

The basic reason why brands are using Instagram Stories is that – the content gives a human face to their businesses. Yes, it makes your brand feel more human to your target audience. It is the best way to stay in touch with your followers. IG Stories makes your content transparent and real so that your audiences could interact with you deeply. 


Lets you do marketing in real-time 

One of the key reasons why businesses use Instagram Stories is because – it lets you do real-time marketing. Stories help to support the utilization of real-time marketing so that you can reach out to your followers at the right moment. 

For example, when you post behind-the-scenes shots of a live product launch or annual function, it inspires your followers to participate in that event. Even for people who are not present at the sale event or annual function, IG Stories help them to stay connected with your brand. That is that. 


Improves your IG content 

You post images and videos when it comes to your regular Instagram content. Then, IG Stories have an edge over normal posts. You might be wondering how. That is because Stories have emojis, drawings, and even texts to make that content more engaging and purposeful. The markup features help in making your content look more appealing and in synchronization with your branding. You may even tag other Instagrammers on your Stories by including the @ sign in front of a person’s name in the description section of the post or even in the comments segment. 


Lets you save and reuse content 

Brands may not like to use IG Stories because they remain for 24 hours. Then, you can save the photos and videos from Stories manually as well as save all content to the camera roll automatically. It means that all images and videos of IG Stories are saved, which you can reuse and repurpose when necessary. No content is wasted even if you use IG Stories because you can save images and videos for later use. 



Keep these benefits of Instagram Stories in mind when you use this awesome feature to promote your brand and products. Make your content look genuine, contextual, and spontaneous for gaining traction on social media.

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