6 Tips For Mompreneurs to Grow Their Businesses

Being a mother and a small business owner at the same time is very rewarding, but also very stressful. No matter if this was your dream from the beginning or something that just happened along the way, juggling both can be a challenge for everyone. Both roles require dedication, time and energy, so many mother entrepreneurs realize they bit off more than they can chew. But, if you persevered and started your business, here are a few tips on how to grow it and become a true mompreneur.

Build a strong team

No matter how deep you are invested in your role of Supermom, you can’t do everything yourself. Every successful entrepreneur has a strong team to cover their back—a good team is critical for success. Make sure to choose employees (or an employee) who have skills different from yours or who can cover hours when you’re busy with mom stuff. Your time as a mompreneur is valuable, so be picky about your workers. When interviewing, make sure to check whether they can work flexible hours, jump in on different tasks, and help your business grow.

Choose a job you love

If you’re just starting your own business, it’s best to focus on something you love or have previous experience in. While some careers are better suited for mothers like advertising, interior design or event planning (they offer very flexible hours and a lot of work from home), if you don’t love the industry, you won’t succeed. And don’t be scared to venture into a traditionally male field, especially if you know the ropes. For instance, Oil and Gas might be male-dominated, but it’s a broad industry that has space for everyone. So if you want to earn good money investing in oilfield equipment, don’t hesitate to try your hand. As long as you have passion and drive, money will follow.

Hop on social media

One of the best ways to grow your business is to use social media for marketing. This tool can attract potential clients and customers and give you valuable insight into what people want to receive from your business. Social media also allows you to manage all your marketing needs from home, which is great when you have little ones asking for your attention. Plus, you can show off some of the behind-the-scenes content of how mother entrepreneurs live and work—it can be very interesting to viewers and even cause you to go viral. Also, social media is usually free, so you don’t have to add a new expense to your list.

Time your actions

No matter if you’re a full-time mom, working mom or freelancing mom, if you decide to become a small business owner, don’t expect to be able to work during regular business hours. From what can be learned from industry leaders and other moms, the best work is done when kids go to school, take an afternoon nap (this will give you at least two hours of uninterrupted work) or after you put kids to bed. However, don’t stay up too late, or you will ruin your health and fail at all tasks, both as a mother and as an entrepreneur.

Learn to battle guilt

Many mompreneurs don’t always have time to see every recital and soccer game or bake cookies for playdates, but that’s okay. Guilt is a toxic feeling that will not only ruin your mood but affect your performance in all spheres of life. Say no to mom-guilt and you will get to enjoy both worlds to the fullest—your family and your business.

Highlight your titles

You are a proud mother of your kids, so why not use this title to help develop your business? Search the internet for organizations that offer help to mom entrepreneurs or programs that motivate new small business owners. If you have a website or social media profiles that advertise your business, highlight the fact that you’re a working mom and you will come across many people willing to help you grow your business.

In the world of small businesses, where most people face a lot of challenges, mothers have additional struggles. When you have to juggle kids, your spouse and your business, you have to be ready to handle the pressure. However, mothers all over the work are killing it in the entrepreneurship game, so if they can, so can you!

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