6 Fashion Trends to Try out This Summer

Adding a modern garment can inject attitude to the most basic wardrobe. The catwalk styles are extreme and basically for display, but they become accessible and everyday versions that are sold at a massive level of fast fashion and retail. Some deserve our money, others do not. Go through the list of the great successes (and failures) of this summer to find your style. Additionally, to learn more about fashion check out ThreadCurve.com

  1. Animal prints

The leopard and cheetah prints are still incredibly popular. If we have loved it, we have bought it and we have used it since the 60s, so why stop doing it now? Wear blouses, mid-calf skirts, and dresses that are so “trendy”. Snake skin has also been included, but this trend comes and goes, and it is one of those options that you like or detest. Our professional advice: opt for the prints of classic animals, such as leopard and cheetah for clothes (the zebra is not one of them) and let the sandals or boots with relief reptile add a dash of style to jeans and pants.

  1. The utilitarian style

This trend looks great on the catwalk and is practical in real life. The jumpsuits similar to the old pilot or mechanic, cargo pants and military style jackets have been updated. Choose loose and loose garments with some definition at the waist (elastic inserts, a belt or adjusted to the shape) in soft and elastic combinations. These additional pockets are excellent for storing keys, cell phones, IDs, eyeglasses and lipsticks. Our professional advice: if you like wide jeans, you will love the cargo; but look for the ankle shorts. You will not see many cargo pants on the catwalks, but they are an overwhelming trend in stores. To make utility garments look a little more elegant when going to work or going out at night: wear the jacket with tight skirts and feminine dresses, add a silk blouse to the cargo pants, and put on your overalls with soother heels and a jacket.

  1. Dyed

Hippie’s splashes are reinvented in neutrals with controlled colouring. And this is not the fashion of a single season: this trend will continue until the following autumn and winter, thanks to the strange calendar of fashion shows in the fashion industry with a season of anticipation. I just saw it! Our professional advice: opt for white and gray dyeing, or faint black, instead of the striking kaleidoscope colours you see on the catwalks, or choose a dyeing effect in immersion that is more gradual and monochromatic to achieve a more versatile style and sophisticated. It makes more sense to wear it in mid calf skirts, sweatshirts, blouses and athletic clothing.

  1. Denim clothing

If you love jeans or the idea of ​​wearing jeans, but you have not put them in years, here you will see how to wear denim now. The straight and mid-calf structured skirts were not starring on the catwalks, but they really had an impact with the stores and online retailers that recognize lifestyle success when they see it. Our professional advice: opt for good knee-length skirts straight or mid-calf that resemble normal clothing (but without the seams and pockets that look like jeans) and t-shirt dresses that are really dressed (not only cambray shirts with curved skirts) and those with a bib overalls with bib.

  1. Yellow

The great colour trend is cheerful yellow in all its variations of tone, intensity and hue. It is not only the bright school bus, but also the yellow banana, butter, calendula, turmeric, honey and saffron. Yellow works just as well with white, cool tones as black or navy blue, and warm tones such as tan or brown. Our professional advice: if you are one of the people who resist yellowing, try it on a print, on a skirt, on shoes or in a bag. Ignore neon yellows or intense acid, such as lime or chartreuse, which are very strong for some skin tones, and opt for softer, lighter yellows such as banana, amber or caramel (yes, those are also yellow).

  1. A lightweight suit

Do not wait more. This duet never fails to make us look confident and elegant, even on the hottest, wettest or rainiest days. When your hair is rebellious, your makeup feels sticky and you feel sweaty and swollen, the firm and modern figure of a tailor suit will help you to cope with the day. The new factor is in the proportions; In current fashion the jacket is more relaxed and longer than in recent years, with a slight feeling that it is big, but without super shoulders. Our professional advice: choose a trouser that reaches the waist (your preference: the ankle, short, broad long, narrow or loose) and that goes well with your shoes, and accompany it with a jacket.

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