5 Ways to Stay Sane As A New Mom

Having a baby is the most stressful, difficult task any human can undertake. After delivery, all the added expenses, time drain, emotional ups and downs, and general anxiety of parenthood can drive you crazy as a new mom.

Still, there is a lot you can do to keep your sanity during these stressful times.

Here are 5 tips to help get you started:

It Takes A Community

You’ve done enough. I mean seriously, you made the baby it’s time to call in the team to help raise the thing.

You can’t do it all. Getting your significant other and family involved is step one to staying sane as a new mom.  After all, they always say: ‘it takes a community’.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help as a new mom, whether that’s from your significant other, family, friends, or even online with organizations like The Mommies Network.

The Mommies Network is a nationwide organization that helps moms connect, establish a community and help each other out. The Mommies Network isn’t the only organization out there to help new moms either. There are dozens of organizations in the U.S that can help with everything from clean diapers to food and even education.

Babygaga.com has a great list of resources to help get you started if you’re feeling your sanity slipping as a new mom.

Maintain (at least some of) Your Diet and Exercise Routine

Maintaining your diet and exercise routine from pre-baby times is going to be nearly impossible as a new mom. Still, any effort you put towards exercise, upper cervical care, and diet will surely be rewarded.

Of course, this can be easier said than done given your ‘new mom’ time constraints. There will be times where you just don’t have time to feed yourself properly, what’s important is doing the best you can and not getting too stressed about what you can’t control.

Now is not the time for rigid diets, insane exercise routines, or focusing on your weight. Instead focus on eating quality foods, doing a little very moderate exercise and just getting healthy. You should also consider making premade meals, and avoiding constantly eating out—it’s bad for the wallet and the stomach.

Also, remember, your body has been through a lot, the last thing you should be doing is focusing on your figure. So don’t be afraid of Doctors’ increased calorie recommendations.

That’s right, Doctors recommend that women eat 500 calories more than their pre-pregnancy average after giving birth.  Take advantage of this while you can!

Don’t Forget To Take Some ‘Me’ Time

After you have a baby, the whole world begins to revolve around the newly acquired love of your life. It has to. Still, don’t forget to take some ‘me’ time. Leave the little guy with your family or something and go do something you love.

Or even better just sleep, watch tv, or take a shower. Really anything but working or raising children is fair game here.

Yes, you’re a mom now, but you’re also still you, don’t stop doing what you love, or you’ll lose your sanity and become resentful before you even realize it.

Go To A Class With Your Baby

Ok, so you can’t take your baby to a boxing class, and maybe they aren’t ready for SoulCycle, still, there are a number of classes you can take with your baby to help get you out of the house.

Baby & Me yoga workshops are some of the most popular classes for moms and newborns. They are also a great way to meet other new parents. I mean, who else would be willing to listen to your best diaper discussion for an hour?

Another common class for new moms is Music Together classes which involve singing, playing instruments and dancing along with your baby and other new moms.

Even if money is tight there are a number of free classes available to new moms at the YMCA or your local library. Getting out of the house with your baby by taking classes is a great way to maintain your sanity as a new mom.

Infant Care

Infant care is perhaps the number one way to ease stress and maintain your sanity as a new mom. Once your baby hits six weeks, it’s time to start looking for their day job.

Infant care has been proven to be good not just for stressed-out Moms, but for babies as well. The socialization process should begin as soon as possible and although you can’t leave your baby at infant care for more than 20 hours per week. Those 20 hours can be an absolute blessing—allowing you to take that ‘me’ time we talked about earlier.

Infant care can be expensive, but there are a number of options out there, even at more affordable rates. Still, if you want the best, like Phoenix Children’s Academy, you may have to pony up some extra cash. Your baby and your mental health are well worth it.

Above all, know that your baby will thank you for all the hard work you’re putting in right now, it just may take until they’re 30 and having kids of their own. But hey, patience is a virtue—right?

Having a baby can be a nightmare and a dream come true all at once. Hopefully, these simple tips will help make keep you sane through these insane times.

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