5 Useful Apps for Busy Parents

Despite their best efforts, most parents can’t do it all by themselves. They need some help now and then.


If this describes your situation, the help you seek may be as close as inside your pocket. By using the following five apps, parents can alleviate some of the headaches and hassles of raising a family without compromising on the quality or merit of their parenting:


Google Calendar App


Streamline and simplify your complex schedule with the Google Calendar app. Day, week, and monthly views allow you to get a handle on upcoming events quickly. Add events to your calendar easily with Google Calendar’s many synchronization features. You can even track tasks to be sure essential action items don’t fall off the radar. Synchronize your schedule with various mobile-friendly calendar apps or add events to your calendar directly from Gmail, Chat, or Meetup. Of particular help to families is the ability to share calendars. With this app, there’s no need to wonder when everyone is free for the family camping trip or if a parent will be available to give Timmy a ride to soccer practice.


Whisk: Recipe Saver, Meal Planner & Grocery List


Winner of Google Play’s Best of 2020 ‘Everyday Essentials’ Award, this app boasts a 4.8-star review and over 500,000 downloads for a good reason. This app simplifies your weekly meal planning and grocery shopping, taking the stress out of these essential tasks. Browse the app’s recipe library or import recipes directly from any website to add to your Whisk cookbook – complete with your own recipe sections like ‘vegetarian,’ ‘keto,’ or ‘quick meals.’ Once they’re there, edit those recipes to add that extra touch of seasoning or ingredient swap that you always use. The app automatically adds nutrition information and a ‘Whisk Health Score’ to imported recipes as well so families can feel confident in making healthy meal choices. All done with planning the week’s dishes? With the click of a button, this app adds the ingredients to a shopping list shared with others. Even better, take advantage of Whisk’s partnerships with popular grocery delivery services like Instacart and Amazon Fresh to have the ingredients delivered directly to your door.




In today’s era of hectic schedules, it can be challenging to take the time for the little things, like getting to know your neighbors. The Nextdoor app helps busy families stay connected to their community with various useful and fun features. Discover local businesses, learn about upcoming neighborhood events, buy, sell, and swap items locally, or discover which neighbors share your interests with the Groups feature. Be sure to read the Nextdoor racism-prevention community guidelines to recognize and report any racial profiling posts you see. Doing so helps keep the app a safe and supportive place for families everywhere.




Keeping busy families in touch throughout their day, this app uses GPS to show family members’ current location on the group map, complete with an address. Give addresses context with customizable location labels that are as serious of fun as you make them. This app is beneficial for parents of busy adolescents and teens. Parents always know precisely where to go to help if a child becomes unexpectedly stranded or lost. The app also lets you know when a family member’s phone battery is low, so they can be reminded to recharge. Automatic crash detection and the ability to send a silent SOS to alert family to danger or let the app’s 24/7 dispatch team call for help are also included. This app helps families quickly respond and coordinate when something unexpected arises and gives them peace of mind when it doesn’t.


Weldon – Parenting Support


Are you struggling with ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged or wondering about how to support them through learning a new skill? This app helps you learn about developmental stages, receive expert advice on common family challenges, set goals and track progress, and even chat with other parents who have struggled with the same issues. Weldon’s chat feature doesn’t stop there, though. They also have staff members and child development experts participating in the chats to offer their professional perspectives. Plus, the app has over 500 activities you can engage in with your children in categories ranging from active outdoor activities to quiet mindfulness and everything in between.


Parents need all the help they can get these days. Don’t make parenting harder on yourself than necessary. Take advantage of useful apps for parents, starting today.

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