5 Tips to Increase Parent Engagement in the Classroom

Today, more than ever, it is vital that parents are actively involved in their children’s school lives. Between the increase in bullying and harassment, the decrease in the national graduation rate, and the stress and worry over the possibility of school-related violence making sure that your child’s education and safety should be at the top of every parent’s priorities. To make this process easier, here are a few helpful suggestions:

Student Information System

Most schools today offer various types of easy-access student information systems that allow you to monitor your child’s progress as well as a number of school-related activities such as report cards, upcoming events or field trips, notable school functions, and many other features. They can often be accessed through the school’s websites or with dedicated apps.

Keep a School Schedule

School-age children seem to be busier than ever in this modern world. Numerous after-school clubs and activities, sports, as well as any other interests that they may have can interfere with what is ultimately the most important thing at this point in their lives: their education. Making sure that their academic life remains the focus helps ensure good grades year to year and helps to provide students with better opportunities in the future. 

Penciling in non-negotiable homework time, moderate TV or internet time, and a regular bedtime routine is critical for your child’s academic success. These activities give you a chance to be involved, too.

Create a School Calendar

Another way to stay engaged and up to date on what is going on in your child’s school life is by organizing a calendar with all of the one-time or regular events taking place during the year. Listing items such as sporting events, dances and social activities, special assemblies, career days, and any other special events will give you the peace of mind of knowing what is going on during any given day.

Engage Your Child in Regular Conversation

Something that seems to be getting harder and harder these days is communication between parents and children. While it’s true that kids (especially teenagers) have never been overly eager to chat with their parents, the gap may actually be widening due to the ever-increasing workloads of parents and lack of traditional family time. Setting aside even just a few minutes a day to have an open and honest conversation with your child will help you to stay clued in on what’s going on in their lives.

Keep Open Lines of Communication with Teachers and Administration

Make it a point to stay in regular contact with your child’s teachers and other school staff. Knowing how they are doing not only with their grades, but their social interactions, extracurricular activities, and overall academic wellbeing will let you know what areas in which your child is excelling in, and which ones they may need a little more help and encouragement in. Utilizing all of these tools, in addition to using any available student information systems is your best bet to ensure their success.

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