5 Tips To Enjoy A Virtual Smoke Session With Friends

The Coronavirus is spreading around the world. Therefore, it is not safe to go outside and cheer with your friends. Isolating yourself in apartments, houses and other places is the safest way. But, this does not mean life ends here, you can still have fun with friends while enjoying smoke sesh. Yes, it is possible with virtual smoke sessions. You can take advantage of advanced technology and join virtual smoke sessions with friends. If you are looking for how? Don’t fret, here we have 5 simple tips to make your party happening at home:


1. Surprise your friends with Bubble delivery

Nothing is better than surprising someone with a useful gift. Therefore, do not leave any opportunity to surprise your friends with bubblers. Order the same or different style bubblers and deliver them to your best friend’s door. It’s hard to imagine the happiness on their face. If some of your friends love the artwork, you can give them a plan bubbler on which they can show their artistic skills. Even during pandemic stress, this gift works as a great wonder to relieve stress.


2. Plan Your Virtual Session

Once you are able to deliver bubbles successfully, it’s a time-plan virtual session. Contact your friends and look for their availability. You can either plan a virtual party at night or on weekends, as the best option. Set a time considering everyone’s suggestions for off-office timings, holidays, or special days. It helps you to set a clock and mood for the special day.


3. Download a Meeting or Group App

The next big thing is to send a link to friends to downloads and join the party. If someone else is good at technology, you can assign this responsibility to him/her. As there are a number of virtual meeting apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime, Discord, Houseparty, Whatsapp, etc. All of these are great experiences. But the best advice is to use free apps and have already been used by most people in a group. It saves you if something went wrong during a smoking session.


4. Clean Your Camera

Since you are speaking from different shelters, therefore it is essential each friend able to see your face clearly. Because one of the most annoying things in group meetings is when someone is speaking behind a blurry and smudged camera lens. So, do not let your phone or system camera ruin your party, wipe it before the party is going to begin. You can also use a microfiber cloth or cotton fabric to clean the camera lens.


5. Keep it Light

The aim of virtual smoke sessions is to get people out of people from stressful-life and have fun. Therefore, do not ruin the special day by speaking about stressful news or recalling some bad memories. This is a time to create fresh memories, hence it will be great to speak about the latest movies, web series, or something that enlighten other moods. Keep in mind, speak carefully as lots of screens are watching you.


Bottom Line

Virtual smoke sessions are a great way to enjoy life during boring and training covid-19 crises. So, if you have not tried this session, try once you will surely love the experience.

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