5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Child Custody Attorneys

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Child Custody Attorneys

Are you and your ex-spouse at odds for who will get custody of your children after the divorce is finalized? Are you afraid that they’ll try and use a few actions in the past to strengthen their case? if so, then you need to search for reputable child custody attorneys.

Doing so can help you have guidance throughout this process. You hoped this day would never come, but a child custody lawyer can help you make a case for yourself.

See below for several factors that you should consider while you search for the child custody attorney to represent your side during these trying times.


1. Use References and Reviews as Your Guide

Unless you’ve gone through a child custody battle before, you probably aren’t sure where to turn to find a reputable child custody attorney. Fortunately, you live in an age where all the information is available via the digital world.

For that reason, it’s always advantageous to use online reviews to find a trustworthy lawyer with actual child custody experience. 

While the ratings are a nice feature to glance over, they don’t tell the whole story. A lawyer can pay people to askew those ratings in their favor. Pay more attention to the comments, that’s where you’ll get a taste for what they’re like from a client’s perspective.

Take the time to read through the comments and ask yourself a few things. Did they hire the lawyer for a child custody battle? What was the outcome? Would they recommend them to others? Did the attorney help or hinder the process?

All of these questions can help point you in the right direction. If you get a bad feeling about an attorney you speak with, turn the other way. Find a child custody lawyer that you feel like you can trust. It will help your case immensely.


2. Child Custody Experience

We briefly mentioned it in the last point, but it bears worth repeating, you must hire an attorney with years of experience with child custody cases. Not doing so is sacrificing your entire case over a battle you can’t afford to lose.

Too many people give the advantage to their ex-spouse by hiring a family lawyer who specializes in something other than family law. This is a huge disadvantage for your side.

The family law process contains several loopholes and stages in the process. You need to hire someone with the experience and the know-how to build your case, use tried-and-true strategies, and can compile the right kind of evidence to help you win.

On the flip side of that, don’t hire a family law attorney just because they helped someone you know to win their child custody battle. Every situation is different. For all you know, their custody battle may have been more black and white than yours is.


3. Optimal Communication

Imagine hiring a child custody attorney for your case and not hearing much from them leading up to the trial. Even worse, you might find out they’ve been making certain moves (like trying to settle) without getting your consent.

If the situation is even somewhat amicable, you don’t want to risk causing tension from hiring a lawyer with poor communication. You want to hire one that listens first, then alters their course of action based on what you want.

More importantly, you should never be left in the dark with your own case. You need a family law practitioner who has excellent communication skills. Someone that will fill you in every step of the way.

There’s also the matter of hiring someone that can take over the communication needs with the opposition if you’re going the pretrial route. This can help you find a solution before the intensity heats up in a courtroom.


4. Price

Price is always a factor in finding the attorney that you hire. You want to do all that it takes to win the child custody battle, but you also have to consider your financial situation.

Many people try to avoid the conversation, but in doing so, you might cause yourself a greater amount of financial strain. Something that you’re already experiencing enough of during the divorce process.

It’s better to bring this question up right away. Ask them to give you a quote on everything from courtroom fees, lawyer fees, and so on. Make sure you have a firm understanding of the factors that could cause the price to fluctuate as well.


5. Chemistry

You could hire the most well-regarded child custody attorney in the entire state, but if you find them off-putting, your trial might be sabotaged in the process.

Chemistry is a more important factor than most people might think. You want someone that can empathize with your situation and genuinely cares about the outcome. It will drive them to do all they can to help you win.

If you talk to a family law attorney and love the way that you’re hitting it off with them from the jump, don’t hesitate to act on it. As long as they have the child custody experience you need, it can make the entire process less stressful for you.


Find the Best Child Custody Attorneys for Your Situation

Now that you have seen all the different factors to consider as you search for child custody attorneys to represent you, be sure to use them all as you look for the perfect fit.

Don’t hesitate to be thorough. This is an important decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take as long as you need until you find someone that you’re comfortable and confident in.

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