10 Home Security Blunders That Could Put Your Family at Risk

10 Home Security Blunders That Could Put Your Family at Risk

A secure home isn’t only about having a reliable security system, although that does help significantly. It’s also about keeping up habits that ensure the safety and security of your home.

If you want to ensure that your house is safe, you might want to avoid these ten home security blunders that could put your family at risk:

Hiding spare keys outside

Too many people’s contingency is to leave a spare key outside. This is in case they find themselves locked out of their homes.

If they also plan on offering a friend access to the house, they leave the keys under the welcome mat or a flower pot, which is pretty unsafe. These solutions might be convenient, but you’re still leaving anyone free access to your home if they manage to find the keys.

That’s why, as much as possible, try and hand out the keys to your place face-to-face. At the very least, your key location should be as far from the house as possible.

Forgetting to lock doors and windows

Did you know that many burglaries or break-ins that happen to people’s houses don’t occur because the criminals break into the house?

Instead, they find an unlocked door and window and manage to get themselves in the house. That’s why as much as possible, you should avoid leaving your doors and windows unlocked.

Even if you think you’re in a safe neighborhood, it’s still not advisable to leave your doors and windows unlocked without direct supervision. In some cases, going out for a couple of minutes is enough for strangers to come into your house without you knowing.

That’s why, even if you don’t think that you’re going to be away that long, make sure that you lock your doors and windows anyway.

Forgetting to set your home security system

If you ever managed to get yourself a home security system, make sure that you get into the habit of setting it. There’s no point in having a high-end home security system if you always forget to set it in the evenings or when you’re away from the house. Luckily, this is where alarm remote service integration could come in handy.

Set up an alarm in your phone or reminders to help you remember to set your security system. You don’t want to be miles away from your house before you remember that you didn’t even set your home alarm or security system yet.

Don’t forget to change the default code that your home security system has to something different. Ensure that you change it to something difficult and non-generic. With all of this in mind, if you are considering investing in a new home security system to protect your family, you might want to take a look at these Verisure Smart Alarms for some inspiration.

Failure to ask for the professionals’ help

Before installing all sorts of security measures in place, you might want to ask for professional help. Unless you’re a security expert, you probably can’t DIY your way through setting up security measures around your house.

When you have an alarm monitoring service, the security professionals can help you set things up and run things through with you. Their customer service can help you deal with any issues. And some of these companies even have the connections to patch you through other security professionals.

It’s a lot easier to connect with security professionals than you think, and this is but one of them. It would be best to consult a security professional. That way, you’d know that you’re getting the best security possible or that you’re installing things right.

Neglecting second-floor security

Many people tend to want to save money by focusing their security efforts on one floor alone.

However, you have to note that if you get yourself a persistent burglar, they’re going to find a way to get into your house nonetheless. Therefore, you should make sure that you also check on your second-floor security.

Try and look for potential spots that can help people break into your home through the second floor. For example, many burglars use the railing of the deck to climb up onto second-story windows.

Balconies are also a way for burglars to break into your house. Ensure that even if they manage to get on to your patio, your doors are locked and that they won’t be able to enter anyway.

Assuming break-ins only happen during night-time

People are more vigilant with their home security in the evenings, and for a good reason.

With limited visibility and the lack of people out and about, it feels like the night time is the time when hoodlums start crawling out of the woodwork. However, focusing all of your security efforts only during the night is a mistake.

You might be shocked to know that many burglaries occur during the day instead of the night. That’s why you shouldn’t let your guard down even during the day.

You don’t have to be extra paranoid in the day. You have to be just as vigilant in your home security during the day as you are at night.

Visibility of valuable items

Don’t leave any of your valuable items out in the open or at least in the home areas visible through the windows.

People with ill intentions might look into your home and find that you have valuables worth taking. It can tempt them to try and break into your home to get these valuable items.

Aside from inciting the attention of burglars, leaving your valuables out in the open makes them easier to grab.

No outdoor lights were installed

If you don’t have any outdoor lights installed around the perimeter of your home, you are losing out on a security advantage.

Outdoor light illuminates dark areas around your house. Thus, it’ll be more challenging for criminals to try and hide until they manage to get close to your home.

Aside from that, having a bright or having outdoor lights themselves can be a deterrent in itself.

Giving the burglars places to hide

Speaking of, you might also want to consider identifying potential around your house that could be a potential hiding place.

An example of that would be large bushes or shrubberies growing outside your home.

Try and trim those down so burglars won’t be able to hide in them. Of course, as we mentioned before, you should have outdoor lights too.

Sharing too much on social media

Social media platforms are powerful tools, but at the same time, they can also serve nefarious schemes. For example, many people have fallen victim to burglaries because they post about everything they do on social media.

As much as possible, avoid posting about your location or at least your current location in real-time on social media. That way, burglars or other strangers won’t use that information against you in any way.

Final Words

The home security blunders in this list aren’t because of negligence, but more often because of ignorance.

Hopefully, by knowing that these home security blunders could make your home unsafe that you would stop doing them if you have been doing them.

It should also let you know how to move forward and have your home’s security and safety and your family the priority. Good luck, and stay safe out there.

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