10 Easy Craft Ideas Using Recycled Materials Around the House

Waste paper and plastic from old books, jars, magazines, and cardboards are undoubtedly the most common waste lying around in a typical household. This explains why approximately 8 million tons of plastic weight find their way into the oceans, posing a great danger to marine wildlife. While these are common trash that your home trash provider collects occasionally, you can upcycle these items into valuable items with little imagination. Below are some of the easiest craft ideas you can make from recycled materials.


Plastic Water Bottles

If you have several plastic water bottles, you can recycle them in many ways. For starters, you can reduce the number of plastic water bottles in your home by using a water filter and carrying reusable bottles while on the go. Nonetheless, you can recycle these bottles by using them as planters, creating a water bottle fish craft, plastic bottle cups for keeping home or office supplies, storage containers, and watering cans, among other ideas. The main idea is to ensure that your plastic bottles end up in the recycle bin instead of contributing to the global single-use plastic waste problem.


Plastic Bags

Just like plastic water bottles, you should minimize the use of plastic bags when possible. However, if you can’t avoid this, you can recycle plastic bags using various craft ideas, including using them to wrap fragile items, painting projects, and lining your wastebaskets. You can as well leverage these plastic bag craft ideas to minimize wastage.


Aluminum Foil

There are several craft ideas that you can create with aluminum foils.  For example, you can create a reflector, utensil sharpener, jewelry cleaner, or dryer ball. Fortunately, creating these items isn’t easy and only requires basic tools. Always make sure that the foil is free from food debris before recycling.


CDs and DVDs

Digital migration rendered CDs and DVDs useless. However, this doesn’t mean that you discard them. Instead, try the following creative ways of ensuring that these items don’t crowd the landfill.

  • Create a scarecrow with CDs – they reflect light scaring birds away during the day.
  • Take them to your local crafts center, where they can be used to make the bases of gift bags and drop spindles.
  • Design a collage using reflective CDs for your ceiling or walls
  • Use VHS tape to bind gardening posts instead of using plastic ropes


Wine Corks

Wine lovers may find themselves with a large collection of wine corks. If you are in this fold, don’t dispose of them. Instead, try the following creative ideas;

  • Create amazing wall art
  • Use them to construct board trivets
  • Create fridge decorations using cork magnets
  • Use them as corks for homemade oil or sauce bottles.


Egg Cartons

You can create endless items from egg cartons. However, an easier one is the diorama-Esque ocean craft idea, which can be made using various craft materials, including gems, foam, paper, markers, and paint. You can create a fish, coral, and any other sea creature. You can make this seemingly real by sticking rocks, shells, pebbles, and sea glass from the beach using hot glue.


Candle Jars

You can also repurpose your candle jar into various items, including storage containers in your desk or a pantry closet. Ensure that you clean the jar thoroughly before repurposing it. Easy craft ideas with this jar include housing nuts, snacks, rubber bands, and other home/office supplies.


Wind Chimes

Interestingly, wind chime tops the list of adult DIY recycling projects search results. While there are several ways of making a wind chime, an easier option is using old keys, paint, and a medium-sized tree branch that can handle the weight of the chime. With your kid’s help, paint the tree branch and the keys using different colors, then tie a string to each key and hang it on the branch. Since the keys hang from the branch, you will need a long twine to attach the branch into your patio or any other place you would like to position the wind chime.


Plant Pots

You can convert your large food or beverage containers into brightly colored plant pots using glue and simple paper scraps. These pots are perfect for indoor plants or gift ideas.


Toilet Roll Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is an exciting idea, especially for kids. While there are many ways of doing this, you can recycle your toilet paper to make a bird feeder. This simple idea involves covering the already used toilet paper in peanut butter and hanging them somewhere outside for the birds to see. You’ll be delighted to see birds flocking to have a taste.


Final Thoughts

Working on these craft ideas with your kids is the best way to teach them the importance of recycling. Unfortunately, you cannot recycle everything around your home. Therefore, contact expert home trash service providers to clear items that cannot be recycled. And if you are based in the UK and need help with finding more items for recycling around your own house, make sure to check cleaning company London.


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