Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lego Water Sensory Play for Kids

Warmer weather means lots of water play at our house. There are few things that keep the kids more entertained than a container of water on a hot day. To this day, our favorite gift has been the Step2 Sand & Water Center for sensory play all year long. For this activity, I combined two things that my kids LOVE: water and Lego Duplo Blocks and let the kids direct their own play. 

 photo Lego Water Sensory Play_zpskxtpw5o7.jpg 

I set up 3 plastic bins with water colored with food coloring in red, green, and blue. I would have used more colors, but these were the first bins I could find.  photo DSC_0622_zps8rhgby9t.jpg

I also added in a collection of spoons, cups, a potato masher, and some pasta utensils from the kitchen.  photo DSC_0646edit_zpsqs0bvpne.jpg My original idea was to have the kids sort the Legos by color into the different color bins. My 2-year-old took to this right away and began finding red blocks for his bin. The other kids had different ideas...
   photo DSC_0632edit_zpstdjiuxix.jpg 
The first thing they wanted to do was to dive right into the water with the different spoons and stir and dump the water. I loved their giggles as they exclaimed at how cold the water was or how their hands were changing colors under the water.  photo DSC_0627edit_zpseuxfdzwn.jpg 

They began dumping Legos into the different bins creating their own "pasta".  photo DSC_0635_zps7xqieeld.jpg And, it wasn't long before they discovered that they could mix the blue and red water to make purple!  (And it would appear that a car got mixed in with our Lego bucket.  This, my friends, is real life!)
  photo DSC_0642_zps4ltwcmgt.jpg 

There was lots of pouring and stirring and discovering as they compared which utensils could hold the most water and practiced scooping legos and water into their cups.  photo DSC_0639_zpsawwgzdmk.jpg 

The kids played with their Lego water bins for almost an hour before we had to clean them up. Look how busy they were!  We dumped the water in the grass and left the Legos out in the sun to dry. Make sure that you break apart all the blocks. We had lots of water trapped in between the blocks as the kids were building. They had a great time breaking them apart over each other's heads!  photo DSC_0650edit_zpspa7vh4mg.jpg 

 If you want to wash the Legos further, you can dump them all into a mesh laundry bag (with a zipper) and run them through the washer. 

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