Monday, April 13, 2015

Pizza Box City - Recycled Materials Small World Play

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In honor of Earth Day, I had to share this activity that my kids came up with all on their own.  After a particularly trying morning of, "Mommy, can we play on our Kindles?" (NO!) and "Mommy, can we play video games?" (NO!), my kids finally figured out that I really meant no screen time. Sometimes, you just need a detox, and this was the perfect activity to remind them that they really are creative, wonderful children.

I told the kids that they could use any of our craft materials and anything that they found in the recycling bin to create a project.

It all started with a pizza box...

 The kids cut the top off of the box and worked together to color it using crayons and markers.  
They used scissors and tape to transform the top of the box into all sorts of things for their city.  I loved watching them figure out how to create houses, buildings, boats, towers, and signs for their creation. The city included a lake and several roads that ran through different parts of the city.  As you can see they grabbed our container of matchbox cars and dinosaurs to populate their city.  After all, what city is complete without a T-Rex roaming down Main Street? They incorporated writing into the names on their buildings and the directions on their street signs. And, of course, the dinosaurs and cars came in handy for their free-play.
After several hours of creating and playing with their city, they grabbed their nerf guns and started using the building as target practice!  This may have been their favorite part!  I didn't tell them how to build, what to make, or give any directions at all. They spent most of the morning making and playing with their creation. It was absolute bliss to watch their creativity and enjoy their excited narrations. Not a bad pay-off for a pizza box and some art materials! This would be a perfect activity to pull out for a rainy day this Summer!


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  1. I love this. My boys have made quite their share of creations with cardboard boxes. The creativity never stops!