Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Turkey Candy Cans - A Thanksgiving Gift

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I am so excited about this craft, my friends! Not only is it just the cutest little turkey, but it also got rid of every last piece of Halloween candy in our house!  When I polled the fabulous ladies on our Facebook page, most of them said that they take their kids' Halloween candy to work.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), my work is my house and that candy was sitting there tempting me every. single. day!  I love how these turned out and we're sending them in to the boys' teachers as a special Thanksgiving Day thank you!  The boys are also making cards for them letting them know how much they appreciate them.

For our turkeys, we used:
tin cans (I don't typically advocate canned goods, but for this I made a pot of chili and used canned beans - perfect!)
construction paper - brown, orange, and red
foam sheets - brown, orange, red, yellow
googly eyes
tacky glue and glue sticks

After getting the chili in the crock pot, I washed and dried the cans out well.  Then, we covered them with brown construction paper.

We traced a glass for circles on brown construction paper and cut those out.  We cut out triangles for beaks from orange paper and little red squiggles for gobblers.  I gave each of the kids their circle with all the pieces they would need to create a turkey face.  We went over each of the pieces with the kids telling me what color and what shape they were.

You would be surprised the amount of thought that goes into creating a face for a 2-year-old.  They had to think about where to put the eyes in relation to the beak, and it takes a bit of skill to use a glue stick to attach all the pieces.  My 2-year-old is able to use a glue stick well now, but he has been doing this for quite awhile.  Another easy trick is to let kids "paint" their glue with a paintbrush from a bit of glue in a Dixie cup or paper plate.

Once their faces were done, the kids attached their heads to the center of the can - on the opposite side of the seam.

Then, they picked out a feather from each of the foam colors.  I admit that we did not cut our feathers out.  We just used some extra feathers from our Turkey Math activity.  We were having a really hard time getting the tacky glue out of our bottle, so I ended up using a hot glue gun to attach the feathers on the back of the cans.  Regular school glue will not hold them very well.

Once the turkeys were complete, we stuffed them full of candy and got ready to send them on their way to school.

You could also use these on the kids table at Thanksgiving to hold crayons or silverware.  You could label one for each child and let them have their own set of crayons.

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