Tuesday, October 8, 2013

L for Lemon - A Yellow Sensory Experience

While learning with our Yellow Theme Week, we did some hands-on exploration with lemons. This was a simple activity that even the baby got into.

First, we had fun rolling and feeling the lemons.  The kids used words like "round" and "bumpy" to describe the lemons. (And the baby was just so excited to get a piece of his own!)

When we cut into the lemons, the kids spent some time smelling the lemons and feeling the insides.

 They searched for seeds and some were even brave enough to give their lemons a lick!
Once everyone was finished exploring their lemons, we pulled out some yellow paint and got to work making lemon prints on the letter L.
First, we identified the letter L and practiced making the sound "l".  Then, we traced the letter L with our fingers.  Finally, the kids decorated their L's with lemon prints.

After we finished our art project, we used the extra lemons to make our Kid-made Lemonade.  The kids love making their own lemonade and I love the special memories that we're able to make in the kitchen!

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