Friday, March 8, 2013

Shamrock Rainbow Necklaces and the Weekly Kid's Co-Op

In addition to some Dr. Seuss activities, we spent the week at daycare continuing our rainbow crafts. The kids are having so much fun with all the colorful activities.  One of their favorites for this week was the shamrock rainbow necklaces.  These were so simple to put together and the kids worked so carefully stringing their necklaces.

For this craft, we used:
green construction paper scraps
Fruit Loops
painter's tape

I've found that putting a small piece of painter's tape around the yarn helps the kids to thread it through the Fruit Loops.

While the kids were threading their Fruit Loops, I free-handed some shamrocks out of scraps of green construction paper from our various rainbow projects. 

Then, I punched a hole through each one and gave them to the kids to add to their necklaces.

Next week, we have more Rainbows and Shamrock crafts in store.  If you're looking for some ideas, check out our 31 Days of March Crafts for Kids.  This month is going to fly by!! 
I just love holidays with kids!
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