Thursday, May 3, 2012

Starting a Morning Routine

Things around here are busy! Okay, that's probably a ridiculous understatement and I'm sure you all can relate. Houses with kids are busy and chaotic and messy. You do what you can to streamline your day and along the way you come up with some tricks that make things run a little smoother. I'm always trying to come up with ways to make things run better, faster, and smoother in our house. One thing I've found that helps me save my sanity is my morning routine. It's the same every weekday morning. (Things are a little different on the weekends when Daddy is home!)

Here's how every morning starts around here.  
Maybe it will give you some ideas or maybe you can tell me something I should definitely add to my routine:

1.  Wake up at 6:30am (as long as the baby doesn't get up first) and MAKE THE BED! - That's right!  Every morning without fail, the bed gets made.  It makes the bedroom immediately look cleaner and ready for the day.  Plus, it keeps me from getting back into bed no matter how tired I am.

2.  Get Dressed - Okay, this is rather arbitrary since "dressed" actually means changing out of my pajamas into some yoga pants or something I can get messy with the kids in.  It does include pulling my hair back and brushing my teeth.  Sometimes it includes a little lip gloss and some concealer to cover the bags under my eyes!  Just enough so I don't scare the UPS guy or anyone that happens to come by for a playdate.

3.  Start a Load of Laundry - I try to do at least one load a day so this gets us started off.  It's also a chance to gather up the clothes my husband leaves around :)

4.  Make Coffee - a must!!

5.  Unload the Dishwasher - While the coffee is brewing, I unload the dishwasher and put away any dishes that my husband happened to use that morning before he left for work.

6.  Check email - If time permits, I'll spend a few minutes on the computer checking for vital emails or Facebook messages that need my attention before nap time.

7.  Start breakfast/Pack lunches - Sometime around this point, my daycare kids start showing up and it's time to start on breakfast.  While breakfast is cooking, I'll put together Big Brother's lunch and snacks for the day.

8.  Check the Planner - While I'm waiting on breakfast, I'll also check my calendar to pull out anything I need to for dinner and make sure I have everything that I need for that day's craft/activity.  It's also a good reminder for any notes or forms that need to be sent in to school.

9.  Bathroom Wipe-Down - Once breakfast is served, I will sneak into the bathroom before I get the baby up and wipe down the sinks, mirrors, and toilet and make sure everything is straightened up for the day.  With a houseful of kids, this will have to be done a few times, but it makes me feel better if I know I've done this at least once in the morning.

10.  Clean up from Breakfast - After getting the big kids on the school bus, it's time to clean up the kitchen and get ready for the rest of the day.

What does your morning look like?

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