Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wind Painting

As part of our weather unit, today we tried out "wind" painting. It seemed pretty fitting considering how windy it was outside while we were playing. The kids had a blast with this activity and it was such a cinch to put together with materials I already had on hand.

 For this activity, we used:
Construction Paper
Washable Paints
Plastic Straws
Small bowls for mixing

1. Give each child a large sheet of white construction paper.
2. Have the kids help you mix the paint with just enough water to make the paints runny and easier for the "wind" straws to blow.
3. Place about a teaspoon (no need to measure) of each color paint on the paper and have the kids use their straws to create "wind" and spread the paint around their papers. Have them experiment to see what happens when they blow softly to make a breeze or when they blow harder and have "gusts" of wind. We used red, yellow, and blue and used our "wind" to mix the colors.
4. While the kids work, you can talk about ways that people use wind (energy, flying kites) and how the wind can effect the weather.

*These paintings would be great to use as greeting cards for relatives once you've finished displaying them for the kids.

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