Monday, August 17, 2015

K is for Kite - Letter Craft for Kids

Crafting is one of our favorite ways to learn letters. The kids enjoy the art projects and it's a great way to help them remember the letter sounds and create a visual for the letter.

As part of our Weather Theme, we focused on the letters 'L' and 'K'.  I just loved how our "K is for Kite" craft turned out.
To make our K's, we used: 
White and Blue Construction Paper
White and Blue washable paint
Scrapbook paper
Sharpie Permanent Markers
Sponge Painting Shapes
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The kids used different-shaped sponges to paint blue and white on their construction paper.  Sponges are great for little kids because they can paint a large area and see results quickly.  It also helps them create strength in their hands, which will be important for cutting and writing.

Once the paint dried, we cute a simple K shape out of our paper.

We cut several kite shapes out of leftover scrapbook paper and the kids glued them all over their letters.
We used a black marker to add the details for their kites and proudly displayed them to help us remember the sound that "K" makes.
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