Friday, December 5, 2014

Name Practice Shape Christmas Tree for Kids

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We've been doing more sensory play than crafts lately, but I had to share this fun Christmas tree craft with you. It was a big hit with my 3 and 4-year-olds and gave them a chance to practice with their names and shapes.
 photo NamePracticeShapeChristmasTrees_zps654c3a98.jpg

For this craft, we used:
Green, yellow, white and brown construction paper
Black Marker
Glue Sticks
Foam Gift Stickers
 photo DSC_0045_zps7f28e120.jpg
To prep for the activity, I cut out:
One green triangle for each letter of each child's name.  (So Ethan had 5 green triangles)
One brown rectangle for each child
One yellow star for each child using a star cookie cutter

Then, I wrote one letter from their name on each triangle.
 photo DSC_0047edit_zpsdda48a08.jpg
I gave each child a piece of white construction paper and their triangles all mixed up.  The kids had to sort out their triangles to make their names from top to bottom.  This was difficult for them to grasp at first since they are used to seeing their names from left to right.  We made my 2-year-old's name together first to show them how to do it.
 photo DSC_0052edit_zps6c5b48a6.jpg
Once they had all their letters in place, I gave each child a glue stick and they went to work gluing their tree to the paper.  Simple crafts like this are a great way for young children to work on their fine motor skills and develop their hand muscles.  As they worked we talked about the different shapes and their colors.

Once the triangles were glued down, we added our rectangle trunk and a star on top.  We also added some foam sticker presents to the bottom.  The kids absolutely love working with foam stickers and peeling the backs off.
 photo DSC_0053_zpsddc10992.jpg
The trees turned out great and the kids loved showing them off to their parents.
 photo DSC_0055_zps42dee647.jpg
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