Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shape Witch Puppet and Book Activity for Kids

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Halloween is almost here and I'm sure you're as done with the Halloween crafts as I am, but here's one more quick one for you just in case you need a quick craft (or one to save for next year!).
Shape Witch Craft - Halloween Book & Craft

My 3-year-old decided this morning that he wanted to do a witch craft, so I scrapped the spider theme craft I was planning for today and we went with witches instead.  I am all about going with a child's interests and capitalizing on their enthusiasm.  One of the kids' favorite Halloween books from the library this year has been Brooms Are for Flying by Michael Rex.  This is a great book for young kids because of it's short text and fun Halloween movements.  In the story, a witch wears a little girl mask and attends a Halloween party.  At the end, she takes off her mask and reveals that she is a "real" witch before flying off on her broom.  The story gave us the inspiration for our witch masks.
I always try to include some color and shape review into our crafts whenever possible so these were just perfect for us.

For our Witch Puppets we used:
green, orange, black, and purple construction paper
glue sticks
googly eyes
black marker
jumbo craft sticks

To prep for this craft, I made these pieces for each child:
1 green circle (traced with a cereal bowl)
1 black triangle (for the hat)
1 black rectangle (for the hat brim)
1 smaller purple rectangle (to decorate the hat)

Then, I folded a large orange piece of paper into fourths and traced each child's hand.  That way, when I cut the one hand, I ended up with four hands for each child's witch.

Before assembling, we talked about each shape and what each one was for the witch.  Then, I let the kids glue their shapes together.

We added googly eyes and used the marker for a smile.  Then, we glued a stick to the back to create our puppets.
Shape Witch Craft - Halloween Book & Craft
Later that day, we used our puppets while reading the story.  The kids loved this and asked to do it a few times!
Shape Witch Craft - Halloween Book & Craft

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