Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Orange Spice Play Dough Recipe

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One of my absolute favorite ways to cozy up our home is to have a pot of homemade potpourri simmering on the stove.  I took my favorite scents and added them into this play dough and now I think I'll have to get some on the stove tomorrow!
 For our Orange Spice play dough recipe we used:
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1 cup water
2 Tablespoons oil
Orange Essential Oil
Red and Yellow Food Coloring
whole cloves

I didn't want the kids to hurt their hands on any spiky pieces of cloves so I used a small bowl and a spreader as a mortar and pestle to smash them up.  Orange Spice Play Dough - perfect for Fall and Winter sensory play! #playdough #sensoryplay #preschool Then, I added it to our basic play dough ingredients.  You can see more detailed pictures of each step in our cherry vanilla scented play dough. photo DSC_0546_zps508e4dd3.jpg I added two drops of Orange Essential Oil to 1 cup of water to give it an awesome citrus scent!  We were gifted a set of essential oils while I was pregnant with our last baby and I've had so much fun learning about them.  Orange essential oil is great for digestion if rubbed on the stomach and is a natural mood-lifter and stress-reducer (perfect for a play dough activity).   photo DSC_0548_zps848a52a6.jpg To give us an orange color, we simply added a few drops of red and orange food coloring to get the color we wanted.  Mixing colors like this is always a fun activity for little ones because they can immediately see the colors transforming the water. photo DSC_0549_zps68bc8df4.jpg Once everything was mixed up on the stove, it only took a few minutes of cooking on medium heat for a ball of soft dough to form.  Then, you just dump it onto a floured surface and let it cool a minute before kneading it up.  I could literally feel my mood improving while I was mixing this up (mostly because I just love the mixture of these scents!).Orange Spice Play Dough - perfect for Fall and Winter sensory play! #playdough #sensoryplay #preschool We used our orange spice dough in a Nature Invitation to Play.  The kids loved this one!  I'll be sharing more about that one later!

Orange Spice Play Dough - perfect for Fall and Winter sensory play! #playdough #sensoryplay #preschool

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  1. I bet that smells like a dream! Playing with this play dough could be my new "oil burner", wafting good scents throughout the home. x

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