Monday, January 13, 2014

S for Sensory Snow Paint

The past week in Daycare has been all about SNOW: snowflakes, snowmen, snow sensory play, and snow painting!  The kids were in awe of this fun puffy tactile snow paint and it was so easy to put together with two simple ingredients that we already had in our cabinets.

S for Sensory Snow Paint - Mamas Like Me 

To make our snow paint, we mixed equal parts of:
White foam shaving cream
White Elmer's Glue

Then, I dished up the bowls and let the kids make their own snowy creations.  I gave my toddler plain shaving foam hoping that it would make clean-up easier.  I'm not sure it helped, since he still required a bath after our art time, but I'm sure it was easier to get shaving cream out of his hair than it would have been to remove the glue....and he had a blast!!

S for Sensory Snow Paint - Mamas Like Me

We practiced the letter "S", tracing it first with our fingers and then painting it to create an 'S for snow".

   photo DSC_0934_zpsecc75fb3.jpg 

We used our abstract snowy paintings to make melted snowman abstract art.

Melted Snowman Abstract Art - Mamas Like Me
And we used our puffy paint to create some 3D snowmen.

Puffy Snow Paint Snowman - Mamas Like Me

The paint dries to create a puffy 3D effect that the kids loved.  It added a whole new tactile dimension to our art for the day.

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  1. My son just did this in preschool this week -- so fun! He kept telling me he painted with the shaving cream, but I didn't know they mixed it with glue first. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I love the puffy effect of the snow :)