Thursday, October 24, 2013

W for Web - 31 Days of ABCs

I'm so excited to be participating in the 31 Days of ABCs series hosted by All Done Monkey. Today we're focusing on the letter W and I have a fun W craft for you just in time for Halloween.

For this craft, we used:
poster board
black paint
foil balls/marbles/golf balls
construction paper
googly eyes

I created our letter W with a ruler on poster board.  You could also use card stock for this, but I happened to have a bunch of poster board lying around.
The original idea was to wrap the Ws in yarn to create a spider web.  We cut small slits along the edges of the W (which the kids loved) to hold the yarn that the kids were wrapping.  This proved to be way to difficult for my 2 and 3-year-old, and my 4-year-old lost interest very quickly, so we scrapped that idea and went with an old favorite.

We end up using an Amazon box (I do most of my Christmas shopping online) to do some marble painting.  One at a time, we placed our W into the box with a drizzle of black paint, a few marbles from our marble racer and a foil ball that the kids found from the laundry.  The amazon box worked well because it had flaps that I could fold together to keep closed.  You don't necessarily need a lid for this activity, but my kids really got into their shaking and rolling.

Every few minutes, we would check on our letters until the kids were happy with their results.  I placed the Ws on construction paper to dry, but be careful that they don't stick.  If they do, it's fairly simple to just pop them off since the backside isn't all that important.
While the W's dried, we created handprint spiders for our webs.  The kids picked their favorite colors for their spider and I painted the palm of their hand and 4 fingers black.  By making two imprints with the palms overlapping, we created a spider with 8 legs.

Once the paint dried, the kids glued as many eyes as they wanted to their spiders.

Once everything was dry, we glued our spiders to our Ws and admired our work.  This is a great art activity combined with a keepsake craft that makes it special for the parents and unique to each child.

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  1. Whatba fun activity. And what a cutie is your little boy:)

    1. Thanks Jaime! That's actually one of my Daycare kids, but he was the most cooperative with posing that afternoon :) I just never know who's going to want their picture taken at any given time :)

  2. This is so much fun! What a great idea! And good for you for seeing that they were losing interest in the first idea and being able to come up with something else. Thanks so much for participating in this series!

  3. What a great w for web craft! That handprint spider turned out so cute!

  4. Great post! I like the suggestions. Thanks for sharing it.