Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rectangle Fall Trees for Preschoolers

Every day on the way home from the bus stop, my preschoolers stop in one of the neighbor's yards to gather as many leaves as they can. We've been coming up with lots of fun ways to explore and create with our leaves. Last week we made Paper Plate Fall wreaths. This week we used our leaves in a fun art project.

For our projects we used:
white and brown construction paper
red, orange, and yellow paint

We put each color paint on a different paper plate and gave the kids a handful of leaves.
They dipped the leaves into the paint and used it to create prints all over their construction paper.  I showed them how to press most of the paint off onto the plate and then press the leaves into the paper to get prints.  
Once they were done mixing and overlapping their prints, we let their papers dry overnight.
The next day, we cut lots of different sized rectangles out of brown construction paper.  I made the rectangles easier to cut by giving the kids strips of paper and letting them cut short straight lines to create the rectangles.
Then, we arranged the rectangles into tree shapes over the leaf prints.

The kids were so proud of their artwork and couldn't wait to share them with their parents.

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