Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Letter Hunt

Yesterday, I shared how we made our Letter Matching Pumpkins and how much fun my 5-year-old had with them last week. Today, I want to show you some other ways that I used the pumpkins with my younger children.

We created a pumpkin patch out of the pumpkins by laying them all out in the grass in alphabetical order.  This was done with a lot of help from me and a lot of alphabet singing from the kids.  I used the help of my older Daycare kids to find the letters and made sure that my 2-year-old got to find the letters that I was sure he knew.

Then, the kids helped me put the stems onto an old tomato cage turned upside-down.  We didn't put these in any order.  It was a very difficult task for my 2-year-old and he spent a lot of time just practicing opening and closing the clothespin and having me put my hand of his so I could help him open it.  My 3 and 4-year old were able to get theirs on with just a bit of instruction and the kids had a blast taking them on and off for awhile.
Once everything was in place we got to work finding the pumpkins with the capital letters and matching them with the lower case letters.  We started by finding the first letter in each of the kids' names.  Some of the pumpkins ended up on the tomato cage and some ended up back on the grass  (and some ended up in the coupe cars and wagons to be driven around our pretend Pumpkin Patch).
As we got further into the activity, my toddler discovered his own way of attaching the pumpkins to the wire...

And then he discovered that he could drop the pumpkins through the wire and they would float to the ground.  So, while the kids were strengthening their hand muscles with the clothespins and working on letter recognition, my toddler was exploring spacial reasoning (what will fit through the wires) and cause & effect (if I push it through, it will fall in a pile on the bottom).  He was quite happy with his invented game!

Once the kids tired of matching and hanging pumpkins, they began moving them around the yard in their pretend play.  They went through the "field" selecting the perfect pumpkins.  Then, they pretended to weigh them and measure them like they did at the Pumpkin Patch.  They also recreated hayrides and told stories about their trips to the Pumpkin Patch with their families - all the while developing language skills and social skills by taking turns and sharing.

So, while I only intended to work on literacy skills, the kids were learning so much more through their play.  Don't you just love it when that happens?!

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