Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rainbow Names - Color Sorting Name Practice

School has started, which means that our Daycare year is up and running! This year I have two 3-year-olds and a 2-year-old that participate in our "theme" time.  My 1-year-old often does a corresponding activity.  For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on colors and featuring them in our crafts, snacks, and play time.

On the last day that my Kindergartener was home, I wanted to do an activity with the kids' names.  Even though I know that it is very common for children this age to form their letters backwards, we are still working on forming "S"'s with my 5-year-old.  He was thrilled with this activity and it gave him a chance to trace his 'S' with his finger, his glue, and have a tactile experience forming the letter.

For this activity, we used:
Construction Paper
Liquid Glue (not a stick)
Fruit Loops

I wrote each child's name in different colors with marker on their construction paper using capital and lower case letters.  I made the mistake of only using capital letters with Big Brother.  For the longest time in Preschool, he wrote his name with all capital letters.  Now, I start right away helping the kids to write their names with capitals and lower-case letters.

Before I handed the papers to the kids, we identified the first letter in each name and talked about what sound it made.  Then, we figured out whose name started with that letter.  Once they had their papers, I called out colors and they raced to find that color in their name.

I gave each child a handful of Fruit Loops and let them match the colors to the letters of their name.  Once I was confident that they understood how to match the colors, I gave them glue and let them trace their letters with the glue.  (Note: this requires the child to remove their Fruit Loops from their letters and basically start over.  If your child will be upset by that, they can always put the glue on first.  I wanted the kids to have extra practice forming the letters and they were very happy to do it twice.)

The kids glued the cereal to their letters and ended up with Rainbow Names.

Next week, we'll be focusing on Red which will tie in perfectly with our Fall Apple Crafts.

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  1. I love this activity! They get to work on their name and sort the cereal by color - great idea!