Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paper Plate Jellyfish

Today, we continued with our Beach and Sea Creatures theme and made the classic Paper Plate Jellyfish. These are truly a preschool classic because they're so simple and just plain fun to make.

For our Jellyfish, we used:
half a paper plate
I gave each of the kids a paper plate and let them finger paint it with a variety of colors.  We found out that jellyfish can be large and brightly colored or they can be transparent, so we decided to make ours brightly colored.  We painted ours on a piece of construction paper to contain the mess.

Once the paper plates dried, we attached streamers to the back with glue.  This was a great chance to get some scissor practice in since we were cutting straight lines on a very thin material.  I held the streamers still for my 2-year-old and he was able to work the scissors and cut his strips.

Once everything was dry, we attached some construction paper eyes and drew on a mouth with markers.

Here are some facts that we learned about Jellyfish courtesy of Science Kids.  You can find out more by visiting their website.
  • Jellyfish live in the sea and are found in all oceans.
  • Some jellyfish live in fresh water.
  • Jellyfish can be large and brightly colored.
  • They can often be transparent (see-through) or translucent (semi-translucent).
  • Although the word is mentioned in their name, jellyfish are not fish.
  • A group of jellyfish is called a ‘bloom’, ‘swarm’ or ‘smack’.
  • Jellyfish don’t have brains.
  • Jellyfish use their tentacles to sting. Most are harmless to humans but stings from some species, such as the box jellyfish, can be very painful and sometimes kill.
  • Jellyfish eat plankton. Some sea turtles eat jellyfish. 
The kids were so proud of their jellyfish and proudly bounced them around during story time!
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