Monday, July 22, 2013

Scissor Practice Stop Light Craft

We've started doing some Transportation Crafts with the Daycare kids and they are loving learning about different types of transportation and making their own vehicles.  Last week, we practiced our scissor skills and made some fun stop lights.

We used:
Red, yellow, green, white and black construction paper
Glue sticks
Ribbons for hanging

Before the kids started their project, I cut the black paper into a large rectangle and then used a paper cutter to make 1 inch strips of red, yellow, and green paper for the kids.

We used a small cup to draw circles on our paper with a pencil (sorry I didn't get a picture).

Then, the kids got to work cutting their strips of paper into squares and small pieces.  After they finished with each color, they used the glue sticks to glue them into the correct circle.  If you are doing this craft with young children, I recommend only giving them one color at a time to help them keep the colors separated.

Once all of the colored paper was glued onto our circles, we added this poem to the back to help us remember what the colors of the stop light mean:

Now I know
Now I know
Red is STOP
and Green is GO

And, contrary to what my husband believes, the yellow light does not mean "go faster" :)  I did teach the kids that yellow is "caution" and means to slow down and prepare to stop.

After our craft, we headed outside to play a game of Red Light, Green Light to help reinforce our new concepts.

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