Monday, July 8, 2013

A Batman 5th Birthday

It's been a bit quiet on the blog these past few weeks.  Between the summer birthdays in our house and our trip to Disney, things have been busy busy BUSY!  After the boys' Carnival Party this winter, my husband made me promise that I would tone down the birthday parties.  There's a horrible trend in blogland to have HUGE, elaborate, crafty parties.  I have a love/hate relationship with these parties.  I really do enjoy making crafts, decorating, and planning the kids' birthday parties, but I also feel like there's so much more I could do if I had more time, more energy, and (yes) more money.  I end up rushing around on the day of the party trying to squeeze in one. more. project before everyone gets here and my husband has to remind me that the kids are not going to care if I manage to wrap the pictures on the wall in theme-appropriate wrapping paper.

For my son's 5th birthday, he wanted a Batman party.  After scouring the internet for ideas, we decided to host a Superhero Academy. 

We kept the decorations simple and focused on a black, yellow, and blue color scheme.  When guests arrived, they were greeted with a welcome sign on our chalkboard and my easy DIY Batman wreath.

We started the party with Superhero tattoos and a mask craft.  Unfortunately, the boys were not interested in making masks, but a couple of them got tattoos.  We'll be making the masks this week with the Daycare kids.  I thought they'd be a hit since my kids love to do crafts...really the party guests just wanted to play when they got together.  I'm sure, though, that if I didn't have lots of activities planned, we would have had a bunch of boys wondering what to do.

The kids table was set up with simple black and yellow plates and cups.  The kids decorated their cups with Batman stickers that I found in the dollar section at Target. 

We also made a homemade Batman Birthday banner and hung balloons and streamers from the lighting fixture.

We set up the gift bag table in the dining room.  I traced the Batman logos using a bat cookie cutter on construction paper.  I also made personalized capes for each of the kids using this tutorial for no-sew capes, and I printed out Superhero Academy certificates for each of the kids.  I made my certificates using Microsoft Publisher, but you can find similar ones on Etsy.  Really, I can't imagine paying for them since they literally took me five minutes to put together, but if you'd rather not have to create your own, there are definitely some cute options out there.

Inside the bags, I put chocolate-dipped "bat Krispee treats".  My son loved the Mickey Mouse treats that I made for his brother's 1st Birthday so much that he wanted some for his birthday.  I have to admit that it's a lot harder to make a chocolate bat than it is to do Mouse ears.

For our snacks, I made food labels with various Superhero powers and attached them to Popsicle sticks.

 The snacks inclued:
Joker Juice - lemonade
Dynamic Duo Dip - 7-layer dip
Cat Woman Claws - bugles

and Fruits and Vegetables that:
Enhances Agility
Builds Muscles
Boosts Invisibility
Improves Laser Vision
Energy Burst

The Superhero Academy included activities to help the kids develop their Superhero powers.

First, they used the moon bounce to practice Leaping Over Buildings in a Single Bound.

Then, they tossed water balloons to demonstrate Feats of Strength.

Then, we used water guns to Vaporize the Villains that I had taped to balloons and attached to the fence.  This was probably the kids favorite activity.  In fact, we ended up setting up the water table so they could keep refilling their water guns and shooting the balloons.

The final activity used the help of Big Brother and some of the neighborhood kids.  The older kids pretended to be villains and hid behind trees and bushes in the yard.  Then, my little superheroes took balloons and went on a Villain Hunt.  The hunt turned into an all out water war and the kids loved it!

All in all it was a very Happy Birthday for my little man.

If you're looking for some more Batman Birthday ideas, be sure to check out our Superhero Party Pinterest Board.
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  1. I just saw your post on kbn. Wow! You did an amazing job on this Batman party. I love the wreath on the door and the bat rice crispy treats. So fun!

    1. Thanks Theresa! It was nice to have a low-key party with just his close friends. I think I see why people limit the number of guests now :)

  2. Love this party. It may have been low key, but it has everything you could possibly need. Love the decoration and the capes for the kids is such a great idea :-)

    1. Thanks Catherine! Those capes were a huge hit and are still being worn everywhere a year later (including the dentist!) :) Thanks for commenting!