Monday, June 17, 2013

A Very Mickey First Birthday

Last week, my youngest turned one year old!  Infancy seems to pass so much quicker with each baby and I'm sad to see this first year go.  As I write this, I still haven't come to terms with the fact that my baby isn't really a baby anymore.  He is a full-fledged toddler, climbing and getting into everything in sight.

Since his birthday fell right before our first family trip to Disney, we decided to do a Mickey Mouse party for our little one-year-old.  His 2-year-old brother is obsessed with Mickey and we figured it would be a good way to get everyone in the mood for our vacation.
To start with, I made these DIY invitations using PicMonkey and had them printed at our local Walmart.  I spent just under $2 for our invitations AND Walmart included envelopes for free.  If they don't for you, just ask for them and let them know that they're invitations.  Seriously, personalized invitations cheaper than the generic store-bought ones!  How can you pass that up?

For our decorations, we focused on the classic Mickey color scheme using red, yellow, and black.  Guests were greeted at the door with a Mickey wreath, a welcome sign on a chalkboard, and one of our stuffed Mickeys.

On the inside of the front door, I made a photo collage as a number one.  Be sure that you use extra photos for this or photos that you print just for this project.  I glued mine onto poster board and wasn't really able to salvage any of them.  

Instead of using helium balloons, I tied balloons to our chandelier and used streamers to decorate the ceiling and china cabinet.

I made a Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday banner...
and a matching "I am 1" banner for Baby C's high chair.

We made a kids table on the back deck and used their easel to leave a Happy Birthday message.

I used construction paper and black plates to make Mickey Mouse plates for the kids.  The bow-ties are napkins folded as fans and secured with construction paper rings.

On the cake table, I featured my simple Mickey Mouse cake and Mickey Mouse cupcakes.  My red icing wasn't as red as I had hoped, but I was running out of time at that point.

We also had Mickey Mouse bubbles for each of the kids.

And, I loved this free printable I found from Simply Real Moms.

For the goodie bags, I used red gift bags and added construction paper circles to make them look like Mickey's pants.  We personalized them with a 'thank you' from the birthday boy.

Inside the bags, I put a personalized Mickey or Minnie Mouse shirt that I created for each of the kids.

I also included our homemade chocolate-covered Mickey Mouse Rice Krispee Treats (or "Mice Krispee Treats" as Big Brother likes to call them) and the kids got to take home what was left of their bubbles.

Our menu included Mickey Favorites:
Hot Diggity Dogs
Minnie's Macaroni & Cheese
Toodle's Noodles (pasta salad)
Donald's Dip (7-layer dip)
Goofy's Garden (Vegetable tray and Mickey Fruit Bowls)
Daisy's Dip (fruit dip)
Pluto's Punch

So, what did the Birthday Boy think????


He loved the moon bounce!

He wasn't really sure what to do with the presents...

He thought blowing out candles was hysterical!

And, he wanted NOTHING to do with his cake or cupcakes!  Nothing!!  He's my only child who didn't even want to smash his cake...

Seriously, check out his brother's First Birthday pics.

Oh well!  I'm sure he'll master that part of birthdays by the time he's 2!

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the fact that he still lets me rock him to sleep occasionally.  I know it will be gone all too soon!

If you're looking for some more Mickey Birthday ideas, be sure to check out our Mickey Pinterest Board and look-out for this week's tutorials for more details on our Mickey shirts and other Mickey crafts!

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  1. So fun! I love it! We did a Mickey party for my son's 2nd birthday this year. I love your Mickey plates and bow ties. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

    1. Thanks Julie! We had so much fun with the Mickey theme! My 2-year-old now wants a Mickey party for his 3rd birthday :)

  2. are soooo good at this crafty mama stuff! Looks awesome, Tina!

  3. are soooo good at this crafty mama stuff! Looks awesome, Tina!

  4. Love the Minnie Loot Bags.... so simple and cute!

  5. HI, Any chance you could let me know how you made the Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday banner...It looks soo cool..

    1. Thanks! Honestly, it was all done by hand. I traced the circles using my Pyrex mixing bowls and made Mickey out of one of the bowls and two cups. The font is the free Walt font that I downloaded and put the letters into PowerPoint (2 letters per page). I attached them by using a simple hole punch and tying ribbons in between. It was a lot of tracing and cutting, but we've saved it for the next Mickey party since I'm sure there will be more :)

  6. This is great! I am planning my babes first birthday and I am stealing some of hour ideas! I wish I had instructions on how you made some of these! Great job mama.

    1. Thanks! Almost everything was done with construction paper and scissors. I traced a lot of cups and bowls :) There are posts for the DIY shirts, but just about everything was done with stuff we had at home! Good luck with your party and a very happy birthday to your little one!!