Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Crafting with Tombow

This week has been all about Mother's Day crafts! It's a little weird to be making my own Mother's Day gifts, but I justify it by saying that we're making them with all the Daycare kids and my kids would feel sad if they didn't have anything to give me on Mother's Day; right?  Also, we're using some of our crafts for the Grandmas  (so, Mom, if you're reading, don't go any farther!!)

 A few weeks ago, I received some products to try out from Tombow in conjunction with their "100 Days of Tombow" program.  By sharing with you all how we're using our "Tombow Time",  we are helping to provide funding for the Council for Arts Education.  Their goal is to raise $10,000 worth of products to be used in art education and quality art programs nationwide.

With our new Dual Brush Pens, we decorated these adorable Thumprint Flower Pots for our Moms.  I just love how the kids used their thumbprints to make the flowers and bugs on these!

Then, we used the Dual Brush Pens and the Colorpencils to do some stamping and create some neat cards for our Moms and for the teachers.  The kids just loved this new way of stamping.  Normally, I limit them to using the ink pads and they thought it was so neat to be able to color a single stamp with various colors and then use the colored pencils to fill them in.  It really gave a more professional look.

Finally, we created these neat Puzzle Piece Picture frames and used the Dual Brush Pens to write our "I Love You to Pieces" message.  (I'll be doing a tutorial on those soon!).

All in all, I really loved these products and the kids really enjoyed getting to use the higher quality pens and pencils.  You could really tell a difference from their usual Crayolas :)  (And I adore Crayola so no offense to them!)

If you're looking for some more adorable homemade ideas for Mother's Day, be sure to check out the links for the Weekly Kid's Co-op, and add some of your own! 
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