Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Muffin Tin Color Sorting

I am always on the hunt for fun and "quiet" activities for the kids to do during nap time. We do a lot of coloring, beading, and Play-Doh during this time. Recently, I discovered that one of my little girls is just obsessed with rainbows. She draws them on everything and always makes rainbow patterns out of her beads. I put together this muffin tin for her this afternoon and she had a blast sorting different craft materials. It kept her occupied for 45 minutes - SUCCESS!

For this activity, we used:
Muffin Tin
Construction Paper
Pom Poms, Buttons, Beads (any colored craft supplies you have on hand)

I cut out circles in different colored construction paper and taped them to the bottom of the muffin tin.

Then I pulled out a bunch of craft supplies and filled the remaining muffin cups.

I handed her a pair of tongs and showed her how to use them to pick up the pom balls...

And she was set!  She used the tongs for awhile and then used her fingers to sort the smaller beads.  She lined them up and sorted them.  Then, she counted them strung some of the beads on pipe cleaners.

It was such a simple activity that works on fine motor skills, color recognition, and math sorting skills.

What are some of your favorite nap time/quiet time activities?

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  1. My little guy will love this :) Featuring on this weeks Kid's Co-Op on Triple T Mum :)

  2. Yes, this one is a favorite of us mommies! It is funny how there are those standard activities that we all seem to use-a sign that they really do work to teach! All the best to you in this SAHM role. I hope you enjoy every moment.

  3. I'm going to try this again, don't think my other comment went through.
    Was just saying how much I love fine motor skill activities. This activity fits right along with my Toddler Idea Tuesday from this week. I shared several different color and rainbow activities.
    I would love if you could stop by and share with Toddler Idea Tuesday. I am always looking for new activities for my little ones and I love to share with my readers.
    Have a great evening