Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apple Math Games for Preschool

I created this simple Apple Math board to go along with our apple unit. I put five simple trees out of construction paper on each side of a large piece of black construction paper.  Then I numbered the trees on the front 1-5 and those on the back 6-10.  It has proven to be a big hit with the kids and we've been able to adapt it to a lot of different activities.

We used it with the little kids to practice counting and number correspondence by placing the correct number of apples to match each tree trunk.

Then, we rolled a number cube for each tree on the front side to see how many apples we would add to each tree.

After we added apples to each tree, we counted the apples on each tree to see which one had the most and the least.  This is a great time for introducing those math terms and getting kids comfortable with using them.

On the back side, we put the correct number of apples on each tree.  Then, the kids rolled a number cube to see how many apples to take away from the tree.  This was a great introduction to subtraction.  We made up word problems to go along with our math problems like "There were 10 apples on the tree.  Sean and Carmen ate 4.  How many were left?"  This would be a great time to bring in a white board and show preschoolers the number sentence 10 - 4 = 6 to go along with there stories.

Since that first day, the little kids have pulled the "Apple Board" out several times to play with.  I think they just like rolling the number cubes, but I love that they're practicing their counting and starting to gain some math fluency with their simple math facts!

What other math games would you use this math board for?



  1. Cute way of adding addition to a game!

  2. This looks so fun! This will be perfect for our apple unit in preschool.

  3. I'm not planning on doing an "apple unit" but I think I can definitely incorporate this into our general Autumn theme! I love that it can be adapted for different ages!

  4. Wow, this is brilliant! Thank you!