Friday, May 25, 2012

Mommy Reflections: Yes, We Were THAT Family!

Tonight was one of those nights when you look around and wonder what in the world you're doing as a parent - how you got yourself into this mess - and how in the world you're going to survive. Yes, we were THAT family tonight.  We were the ones at Kindergarten graduation with an overly tired toddler who didn't want to stay still and a 3-year-old who was grumpy with the world.  No amount of bouncing, snacks, IPods, or Kindles (and yes we do break out the electronics in such cases) could make either of them happy.  And, through it all, I was desperately trying for one decent picture of my graduate on stage and a few good minutes of their songs on video. 

This is how I saw my evening going.  We would have a wonderful family dinner (thank you Pinterest) and clean everything up before leaving.  My boys would be dressed in their matching Polos and khaki shorts.  Baby E would sit happily with his container of Cheerios and his cup of milk and watch Big Brother singing.  Middle Brother would have educational games on the Kindle and pretzels to keep him occupied.  Mom and Dad would watch proudly as their oldest son sang his songs and the kids were presented with their little Kindergarten awards...was that really too much to ask?? 

In reality, I ended up rushing through dinner preparations after the last of my Daycare Kids was picked up.  I forgot that my husband had a meeting at the church after work.  We rushed through dinner (which Big Brother didn't eat because he decided he doesn't like honey mustard glaze after all), Baby E needed a diaper right before we left, and I realized that the battery on the video camera was almost dead!!  Oh, and did I mention that it was pouring down rain??  Once there, Middle Brother wanted to be anywhere but at the school, my husband ended up bouncing the baby in the back of the auditorium, and the baby behind us ended up eating his Cheerios... 

Needless to say, the night was not how I imagined it, but in the end Big Brother had a great time on stage, and he was so happy to see Mom and Dad in the audience.  After the boys were in their beds, I sat on the couch with my wonderful husband, trying to ignore the Legos all over the floor and the rest of the dinner dishes that still needed to be washed, and just listened to the silence.  And then I realized that if it weren't for nights like tonight, I wouldn't appreciate all the nights when the boys were perfect angels - the nights when they giggle together and rush to help each other without being asked.  If it weren't for nights like tonight, I might take for granted how much God has given us and how lucky we are to have our (sometimes cranky) children, our (sometimes messy) house, and our (always eventful) life.  And, as I pondered all this, I heard the unmistakable footsteps of Big Brother sneaking out to tell me that they needed hugs and kisses from Mommy.  Yes, I'm blessed...Legos, dirty dishes, fussy babies, and all!!
And, it's so hard to believe that this little guy just graduated from Kindergarten!!
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  1. We have SO been that family on many, many occasions! But I really agree that the bitter makes the sweet all that much sweeter. I am always reminded that I'm beginning to take things for granted because one of THOSE days shows up to remind me to appreciate the daily blessings. The beauty is that in the silence after bedtime I am able to revisit, revise and recommit to motherhood. It's so much easier to do when it's calm! And that commitment is what sees me through when it's not so calm. Stopping by from the Sunday Parenting Party!

  2. what a beautiful way to reflect on a stressful evening. You are right, when Goblin has had a really bad day it does make me appreciate the good days that much more.