Monday, February 20, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Penguins & Penguin Story Time

Middle Brother fell in love with some of the penguin crafts that Big Brother brought home from school and wanted to get some penguin books of his own. We found these at the library and had fun reading them and waddling around like penguins :) Then, we made these cute little toilet paper roll penguins for the kids to use as puppets. They had a great time using them with our read-aloud of Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice.

Five Little Penguins is a fun counting book with memorable rhymes for the kids.

About Penguins is a great non-fiction intro to penguins for preschoolers.  There is limited text for each picture, but it's filled with lots of great information!

 For our penguins, we used:
toilet paper rolls
black, white, and orange construction paper
googly eyes
scissors and glue

*To prep for this craft, I cut out 2 black oval wings, 2 orange webbed feet, one orange diamond (easiest to fold paper in half and cut out a triangle), and a white 'dome' shape for each child. For older children, you could draw the shapes and have them cut them out.

1. Wrap the toilet paper in black construction paper and cut out penguin pieces.
2. Glue the pieces on as shown in the picture.
3. Add googly eyes and a Popsicle stick (if desired) to make a puppet.

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