Friday, February 24, 2012

Memorizing Scripture with Kids

My husband and I have begun working with Big Brother (and Middle Brother) on memorizing his Bible verses. It's been a bit of a battle since he's very shy and doesn't like to say his verses to us or his teachers. We've found a few things that help, though, and I wanted to share them with you :)

My husband came across some great CD's for kids. The Rizers is one of our favorites. The songs are all taken directly from scripture and even include the scripture reference in the song. This is actually how I remember memorizing verses as a kid. We play these songs throughout the evening after Big Brother gets home from school and sing along with them.

We're also incorporating his Bible Memory into his Quiet Time studies. My husband shared some of his tips for this, including some game ideas to make memorizing fun! He usually does the boys devotional times with them before bed.

You'll also want to check out these Scripture ABC cards from I Can Teach My Child.  They are adorable!

The best part of encouraging Big Brother with his scripture memory is that I'm getting a review on some of the verses I remember as a kid and getting to learn some new ones as well :)  Please feel free to share any tips you have for working with kids on their Bible verses!

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  1. We are using the book ABC Bible verses to learn scripture as a family. We do it every night at the supper table and everyone has to recite the verse. We started in January and are already to letter "J". My three year old sometimes sings his verses to himself as he plays and my one year old can say "Bible" and when she hears her big brother singing the verses she runs to the table and says "Bible!". I think it's great she's recognizing what he is saying. The key for us has been making it a family effort.

  2. Ted Cunningham from Woodland Hills Community Church in Branson MO wrote some cute flash cards/devotionals...... you can download them for free, or buy the packs for pretty cheap. they are SUPER cute and fun!!