Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Handprint Snowflake & Poem

We still haven't had any snow, but maybe a few more snow themed crafts will encourage the white stuff our way!

For these simple snowflakes, we used:
Blue Paint
Glitter Pens/Glitter
Paper Plate
Sponge Brush
Blue and White Paper
Hole Punch

1. I painted the kids hands with blue paint using the sponge brush and helped them place their hands in different directions to create a unique snowflake design. We ended up putting more paint on their fingers a few times.

2. Then, they picked glitter pens to decorate with or sprinkled their snowflakes with glitter.

3. After they dried, we cut circles around them and mounted them on blue paper. Next, we hole-punched them and tied them with ribbon so they could hang in the windows.

4. On the back of each circle, I printed this poem:

My handprint's like a snowflake
Unique in every way
Keep it close to your heart
I'm growing every day.
~Signed and dated with the child's name

Or, you could try this poem:
Snowflakes white
Are dancing down.
Dancing, dancing
All around.
Each one is different,
It's surely true.
Here's one I made
From me for you!

Happy Crafting!
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  1. I think this site is awesome

  2. Tried this one today and I think it turned out awesome. If you want to see how my kids and I did trying the crafts you have posted, I started a blog about ours with links back to you. . We just started yesterday and I update before bed. Thank you for posting such cute and awesome projects, we love them.

    1. Jessica, what a fun idea! Congrats on the new blog :) You are a much better woman than I if you can keep up with it every day! Love it!!