Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sock Snowmen

It's Winter Time! And, even though there's no snow on the ground, we're going to spend some time with some fun winter and snow themed activities and crafts. Today, we made these adorable sock snowmen. Mr. Mama was here to help out for this one and I'm so glad he was! It was great to have an extra pair of hands to help our excited bunch make their snowmen.

For the Snowmen, we used:
Tube socks 
(I recommend boys' size 7-9. We got men's this year by mistake and had to do some trimming)
Polyester Fiberfill
Large Pom Balls
Googly Eyes
Tacky Glue
Orange Felt
Red (or any color) felt cut into 1 inch wide strips
Black Puffy Paint
1/2 cup of rice per snowman
Rubber Bands
1.  If you end up with larger socks, trim them down so the stretchy part is separate (this will be used for the snowman's hat).

2.  Pour 1/2 cup of rice into the bottom of the sock.
3.  Fill the sock about 3/4 full of polyester fiberfill (or until you have the desired size snowman).  Securely tie off the top of the sock with a rubber band.  Use a second rubber band to create the head of the snowman.
4.  Tie the red strip of felt around the middle rubber band to form a scarf for your snowman.
5.  Glue buttons down the side for the snowman.
6.  Cut a triangle out of orange felt for the nose and use the googly eyes to make the snowman's face.

7.  If you used a smaller sock, you can just fold the top of the sock over the rubber band to form the hat and glue a pom ball to the top.  If you used a larger sock.  you need to secure one end of the cut portion with a rubber band and then fold over the remaining side to form a separate hat.  Glue a pom ball to the top of the hat

8.  Put the hat on the top of your snowman and use the puffy paint to create a smile.

It was definitely nice to have an extra pair of adult hands for these!  The kids loved their snowmen and have been carrying them around all afternoon :)
Thanks for stopping by!  I'd love to hear from you in the comments and have you join us back again!
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  1. Aww, this is too stinkin adorable! I love it. Thanks for linking up to Thinky Linky Thursday. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
    BTW, I am a new follower on GFC,Twitter,FB AND Pinterest :)

  2. i love snowmen! thanks for sharing, jaime@fspdt

  3. these are in my last years Christmas round up and i still love them. I will be re promoting that post soon:)

  4. I love these and I am planing to make this craft with my after school kids, but I was wondering what exactly the Fiberfill is used for and do you think it is required?
    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Megan - the Fiberfill is that big bag of pillow stuffing in the back of the materials picture. You'll need it so the snowmen will be "stuffed" like little stuffed animals and be able to stand up :) Hope you're kids like them as much as mine always have!