Monday, December 19, 2011

Shape Santa Craft

I'm a big fan of using what you have and, as a former teacher, I find I'm often flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to crafts and lessons for the kids. Yes, I have an organizer with each day's craft listed out, but some days I just can't do it. Today, for example, we were supposed to make coffee dough ornaments and I was just not up to working with dough (or to smelling coffee!), so we made these instead. They were a cinch to put together, using what I already had on hand, and the kids had a blast making their Santas.

For this craft, we used:
White card stock
Pink and Red construction paper
Googly Eyes
Packing Peanuts (you could also use cotton balls, but we had a bunch of packing peanuts from a package sent by the generous people at Kind bars - so yummy!)

*We also used Christmas tins and small snack bowls for tracing the circles

1. Trace and cut a large circle for Santa's head out of white cardstock, two smaller circles out of pink for his cheeks, and a small red nose.

2.  Cut out a red triangle for Santa's hat.

3.  Review all of the colors and shapes with the kids and have them assemble their Santa faces.  Add two wiggly eyes.

4.  Let the kids glue their packing peanuts onto Santa's hat and beard.

*You could attach a Popsicle stick to these to make a cute Santa puppet or mask (if you cut out eye holes)

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