Friday, November 11, 2011

Hand/Footprint Turkeys & A Poem

Today, we made these adorable hand and footprint turkeys to kick off our month of all things Thanksgiving.

To make these, you'll need:
Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Black (or another color) construction paper
Googly Eyes
Print-out of the poem

1. Trace each child's shoe and cut it out to make the body of the turkey.

2. Trace each child's hand on red, orange, and yellow construction paper and cut them out to make the turkeys feathers. (It's easiest to just trace their hands once and then use them as a template for the other colors.)

3. Help the kids glue their feathers down and then their turkey body on top of the feather.

4. Cut a triangle out of the scrap orange paper for a beak and a squiggly gobbler out of the red paper. (Make sure to have the kids point out the colors and shapes while their putting their turkeys together.) Glue the eyes, beak, and gobbler on as pictured.

5. Read the poem together. During this part you can have the kids point out the letter of the week in the poem or find site words depending on where they are in their development.

6. Have kids glue the poem on.  In case you can't see the picture, it says:

This isn’t just a Turkey
As anyone can see,
I made it with my hand and foot
Which are parts of me.
It comes with lots of love
Especially to say,
I hope that you have a very

These would also be cute to make as Thanksgiving Cards or as place cards for Thanksgiving Dinner.

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