Friday, October 28, 2011

W for (Spider) Web

To go along with our yarn spiders, today we did some marble painting and practiced with the letter 'W'.  The kids had a great time with this new painting technique and can't wait to try it out making the first letters of their names!

For this activity, we used:
White Construction Paper (trimmed to fit the box top)
The top of a copy paper box
Black paint
Paper Plate
6 marbles
Painter's Tape
Black marker

1. Use the painter's tape to make a 'W' on the construction paper.

2. Place your construction paper in the box lid.

3. Put some black paint on the paper plate and roll marbles in the plate until they are completely covered.

4. Use the spoon to transfer a few marbles on the construction paper.

5. Let the kids gently roll the marbles around by tipping the box top lids. You can also show them how to make "wiggly" designs by shaking the box gently from side to side.

6. When the marbles have lost their paint, return them to the plate and roll them around until they are coated again.

7. Continue until you have the desired design.

8. Let your pictures dry.

9. If desired, use the marker and trace the tape to form the outline of the 'W'. Remove tape to leave an unpainted 'W' in your spider web.

**You could also add plastic spiders to this craft to make it even more festive :)

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  1. This is such an awesome idea! Just so happens that my kiddos are off of school today, and thanks to you I have a fun project planned now ;) Happy to be your newest follower from the blog hop!

  2. How fun!!! And my son has that same Big Brother shirt!! Too Cute!!

  3. That looks AWESOME!! LOVE IT! We are going to have to make those too!
    I wanted to invite you to my TGIF Linky Party at

  4. You could even do this for a kids room using different colors. So many ideas! Thanks! :D